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Welcome to!

Welcome to the new  Our goals are the following:

  1. Spread awareness for the plight of Persons with Disabilities (PWD) in the Philippines
  2. Disseminate information on the latest news and trends affecting the PWDs
  3. Gain public support for the implementation of existing government laws and mandates established by the current and previous administrations for the protection of the PWD’s rights and privileges
  4. Give the Pinoy PWD a voice in cyberspace. A forum where PWDs and their supporters can freely exchange ideas, complaints and even suggestions.
  5. Initiate measures that will assist in improving the PWD’s quality of life by keeping them informed of scholarships, job opportunities and seminars held through the country exclusively for their benefit.

We are not affiliated with any political party, nor with any existing organization. This website is made possible through the collaboration of civic-minded professionals and volunteers who have pledged their time and efforts to the protection of the welfare of the Pinoy PWD.  If you want to share a suggestion, donate clothes or instruments that will improve the quality of life of a PWD, you may contact us by emailing  or

We need all the help we can get.


  1. Anthony G. Mabalot Anthony G. Mabalot

    Good Day Madam & Sir,

    Ako Po Si Anthony G. Mabalot 28yrs. old From San Pedro, Laguna. May Kapansanan Po Ako Sa Pandinig Pero Nakakapag Salita Naman Po. At May Depression Po Ako Pero Nag Gagamot Naman Po Hanggang Ngayon. Gusto Ko Lang Po Sana Na Humingi Ng Tulong Kung Maari Po Sana Ay Mahanapan Po Ninyo Ako Ng Trabaho 2nd Yr College Undergraduate Lang Po Ako. Sana Po Ay Matulungan Ninyo Ako Makapag Trabaho Para Po Makatulong Po Ako Sa Pang Araw – Araw Namin Gastusin Ganyun Din Po Ang Pang Araw – Araw Kong Pag Continue Sa Gamot. Maraming Salamat Po Sa Inyo. E2 Po Ang Aking Email Address: At e2 po ang cellphone number ko. 09461827928

  2. Nick Nick

    Kind Sir/Madam,
    I’m relieved, and Thank you very much for this website. Now, i thought I could finally voice my spiraling misfortunes being PWD., I dropped out from high school due to an accident that nearly killed me. By the grace of GOD, I did survived but it also resulted to my having multiple disability to this day. I’m already A PWD cardholder and do enjoy some of the its benefits but One. Although, despite the difficulties carrying this battered body, i tried to live normally as possible. But then something beyond my body that further aggravated my difficult situation as it stole away what very little that i had…,
    My grievances is about Taxation/s I’m required to pay. Though not that big, but whatever that amount, it can still help
    support me and family, for, I’m not earning money myself.., I’d like to know if PWD is required to pay income taxes? Please email your reply and thank you very much for taking time. GOD bless.

  3. i am pwd,a need a job so badly so please help me i live at tondo metro manila.thank you very much..have a great day.

  4. Dennis Doculan Dennis Doculan

    Hi.just want to ask if you have upcoming jobfair for pwd?my brother is a disabled and he lost his confidence in searching a job due to his conditions. I want to push him to apply for his daughters and son. Hope I can hear from your good office. Thank you.

  5. rizalina s.togane rizalina s.togane

    im rizalina togane,im paraphlegic kinds of dis abelity im 44 years old.
    im staying here in qc.

    gus2 qo po sana maka hanap ng work kz wala me qo lang po sumosuporta xakin .marame po aqong kayang gawin marame me talent na ma i show if ever matanggap me xa job pray 4 that to happend…tnk you so much po…

    this my cp #09298033925

  6. MAC MAC

    I am a Polio in Right Leg Foot & I’m a Computer Programming & Computer Technician, & have an Knowledge in Computer Fields Specially Maintenance Hardware & Software with basic Knowledge of Graphics Photoshop & Corel and with Typing Speed of 40wpm & also have an knowledge in CCTV Installation Both Wired Stallation & Configuration, & I need an assistance of getting hired in a Job with an Stable Source of Income and currently temporaty residing at my cousin Near PRC Sta. Manila, near Makati, with Cell Phone #: 09283023413

  7. linda linda

    Who are considered PWD’s? Are cancer patients PWD’s ? I’m asking you this bec m y doctor said that cancer patients are pwd’s ,too.She told me to get an ID so that i can avail of the 20 % discount given to them aside from the 20 % discount given to senior citizens.Pls clear me up on this.

  8. shirley marasigan shirley marasigan

    Hi,my name is Shirley Marasigan 43 yes old,an ortho impaired disability. Iam a nursing graduate but underboard.I am looking for a job kahit ano,i worked as a secretary in one factory here in bulacan,my special skills cooking,pls help me. Thanks… Here’s my contact 09053592876

  9. Brian House Brian House

    I’d like to take a moment to comment on something rather important. I see number 1 is spread awareness for the plight of PWDs in the Philippines. That’s nice and all, but if you are basing your PWD on the National Council on Disability, then this would include all people and not discriminate for reasons of national origin. As in the US, anyone with a disability is included under the ADA Act.

  10. Lyn Jaring Lyn Jaring

    Hi I’m inquiring on behalf of my husband. He is currently confined in the hospital. Hospital advised us to secure PWD ID since he is qualified at the same time be able to avail discount from the hospital. I completed the requirements, but it so happened that the PWD Head Doctor in our municipality doesn’t want to sign the documents for the reason that he must go out of the hospital first. According to him, he will sign it once he’s out of the hospital already. Is this really the regulation? He even told us, we can still avail the discount from the hospital even if we already checked out from the hospital which was denied by the hospital.

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