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City Mall Anabu: PWD-friendly Mall

I’ve recently visited City Mall Anabu and I have discovered that it must be one of the most PWD-friendly malls in Cavite or anywhere south of Manila.  Many of our Pinoys with Disabilities are prevented from going around, especially wheelchair users, because of the unavailability of proper wheelchair ramps and the failure of mall owners to eliminate small steps which prevents, even endangers, the wheelchair user from navigating throughout the mall without the need for an assistant. Even the most sophisticated malls are not without such hindrances.

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The National Building Code of the Philippines states that the walkways must have plants or railings that line a walkway that goes all the way to the end. The plants and the railings are necessary to guide white cane users (the blind or low vision) as to where the walkway ends and to indicate that they are traveling in a straight line. As for wheelchair users, the National Building Code is clear, the width of a walkway or the door to a lavatory designed for a PWD should be no less than 1.2 meters.

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Also the National Building Code imposes that a specially extra wide parking slot be dedicated for the use of the PWD. There should be one out of every 50 slots in every mall, office, hotel or residential building.

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I want to mention that the Manila Ocean Park has no parking slot for a PWD. Their management assumes that the PWD has a driver and would require PWDs to park in the farther parking lot rather than in the lot behind the main building where the hotel guests are parked. I hope they change this soon.

In searching for a mall, our team has come across the City Mall in Anabu, Cavite as what could be one of the best malls that is friendliest to the PWD. Our  team visited the place while I took the pictures but my phone went into reset because of what seemed like a virus attack, and I lost all the photos. Thank goodness for and Chase Gorospe.

After a long search, City Mall in Anabu has proven to be the most PWD-friendly of them all. We are not declaring this just because we had an event or was sponsored. In fact, our team went here on our time and money as part of our research to inform you, our PWD readers where to go to best enjoy your shopping time. City Mall made it to the top of our list for the following reasons:


City Mall is one large, spread-out mall and parking is so conveniently located in and around the mall where large windows will allow you to easily see your vehicle and has PWD parking that allows easy access getting and out of your car or van. Even for the non-disabled, parking was very easy to find there was always an entrance near the mall.


City Mall deserves an award as the most wheelchair-friendly mall our team has ever visited. From the car to the food court, the activity center and the grocery, there are no bumps and humps that will impede the ability of the wheelchair user from going around on his own without the assistance of a non-disabled. An added bonus was that City Mall has wide entrance and exit doors with shallow and smoothened curb ramps for easier access. At both the entrance of the mall and at the entrance of the Save More grocery, there are wheelchairs that a senior citizen or PWD can borrow during their visit.

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Clean restrooms

Of all the malls, City Mall has  the cleanest toilets! It was a wonderful surprise to see a community mall with a restroom so clean they can rival Rockwell’s Power Plant Mall. Even the one for the non-disabled, all stalls had tissue rolls and hooks for your bags, jackets and umbrellas, just don’t forget them on your way out. There are hand dryers, hand soaps and hand napkins, all the conveniences of the big premium commercial malls in Metro Manila. The toilet for the PWD has a very wide door, with handle bars in the right places and a properly placed wash basin within arm’s reach from the lavatory. Their restrooms are constantly cleaned and meticulously maintained.

There are not many stores yet but soon we have already seen notices of soon-to-open stores. Surely a PWD will not be bored at the City Mall in Anabu. Every day of the week there are enjoyable activities that people can join in. Choose the one you like most and visit as often as you like. It will feel like a second home for the PWD shopper.


  1. Ernie Ibañez Ernie Ibañez

    The comments above follows what City Mall Tetuan in Zamboanga is doing, in short City Mall Tetuan is also PWD friendly….

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