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RA 10754 implemented on Dec 23, 2016

December 23, 2016 is the first day of implemention for RA 10754, the new law expanding the government benefits of persons with disabilities (PWD).  This means that all provisions of RA 9442, an update to the original RA 7277 or the Magna Carta for Persons with Disabilities, are maintained PLUS the following benefits:

  1. Exemption from the 12% value-added taxes ON TOP of the mandatory 20% discounts. This amounts to a total of 32% discount on basic necessities that  the PWDs buy for their personal use and enjoyment.
  2. The mandatory 32% discount for PWDs is now a must for transportation (including jeeps, buses, trains and airlines), recreation centers (amusement parks, cinemas and theaters) and similar places of culture.
  3. Medical and dental products and services.
  4. Burial and funeral assistance, provided that the beneficiary is able to provide the death certificate. Most services are covered by the discount, except for the obituary publication and the cost of the burial plot.
  5. Up to P25,000 in tax exemption for the caregiver of the PWD. There are computations and conditions for this benefit.
  6. Automatic PhilHealth coverage for the PWD. Although this is covered by a different law, RA 10606 of the National Health Insurance Act of 2013, I believe it is worth mentioning in this post that PWDs need not pay premiums to PhilHealth but can also avail of additional discounts and assistance when they purchase assistive devices, such as wheelchairs, hearing aids, prosthetics limbs and the like. Best to consult PhilHealth before buying your device to know the discounts you are entitled to for each device/purchase.
  7. The mandatory discounts also apply to medicines bought in all drugstores. YES, THAT MEANS YOU TOO MERCURY DRUG!

There have been questions about the “educational assistance” part of this law. The assistance can come from the Social Security System (SSS), the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) or PAG-IBIG. However, there are also certain conditions, such as the PWD must be a member of these organizations, must have updated contributions and that the assistance will not come in the form of cash but as either a voucher or a letter of guarantee. Other forms of educational assistance can also come from private institutions provided that the PWD is able to meet certain criteria.

It is good to know that more and more benefits are being given to the PWD community. We only wish that these benefits are given with the full cooperation of the business community, rightfully given without incident.

Interview with Cheryl Cosim at TV 5


  1. My son Liam born last July 14,2015 was diagnosed congenital heart disease, tetralogy of he qualify to apply as part of the PWD?

  2. Arcangel Arcangel

    what classifies as a “guardian” ?

  3. Hi how are you? U need support give me I deaf sure help can?/

    I need job search now answer?

  4. Aris Lacuna Aris Lacuna

    May I politely correct this article by stating that the effective rate of discount is NOT 32% but much less as the VAT is 1st deducted after which the 20% is effected on the amount net of VAT.

    Lets be more RESPONSIBLE with our facts.

  5. rodora decena rodora decena

    hi good evening i have a sister who is a pwd her name is rosalina and graduate elementary in school for the deaf in pasay her condition is cleft pillate i would like to ask if you could help her find a job so that she could be sociable with other people.

  6. Carmela Carmela

    Hi ! I would like to know if pwds are exempted from number coding like the senior citizens of Makati City.

  7. Pituitary Brain Tumor Pituitary Brain Tumor

    I think that the maybe some people doesnt know and some establishmebts that need to implement this is not doing ther job to implement the 20%+12% discounts. They not include the 12% discounts. Hope you make a MASS PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT of this law. Thank you.


    Sir what is the remedies on Discrimination on pwd In applying a job ? I WANT TO FILE A CASE AGAINST THAT WITCH wherein She DISCRIMINATE A PWD PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE PLEASE

  9. Rebecca Supan Ginez Rebecca Supan Ginez

    Sir/ma’am, I am a post kidney transplant, can i avail the pwd’s benefits? Tnx.

  10. tita tita

    HI po, Im a PWD, Terminal fee for airport is it free for PWD, some grant us exempt from terminal fee but other airport terminals fee will not give us discounts

  11. Enrico Canasa Enrico Canasa

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    As reference from the above mentioned subject , I am a PWD , I decided to write this message to report in your good office injustices I suffered againts a roadside restaurant EVA ESCOSA NATIVE FOODS AND DELICACIES CO. , located along Tarlac Sta. Rosa Highway or Provincial Road , Sto Rosario Young ,Zaragosa, Nueva Ecija.

    February 3, 2017 at around 1: 30 pm we dropped by to EVA ESCOSA NATIVE FOODS AND DELICACIES CO. on our way back home in Tarlac City from Talavera, Nueva Ecija, supposed to take our lunch but the parking area is full and there is no designated parking exclusively for PWD to that restaurant despite their new building improvement. We decided to order and taken out our food , instead of dining in due to no parking available, to the surprise of my wife, who is my personal assistant and caregiver , the cashier of EVA ESCOSA NATIVE FOODS AND DELICACIES CO. did not gave us the mandatory discount of PWD with our purchased food , the reason of the cashier because it was not dine in and it was taken out food. We used to take out in Mc Donald, Jollibee and Chowking we received our mandatory discount including my assistant. my question is EVA ESCOSA NATIVE FOODS is Exempted in giving discount to PWD Dine in or Taken out food? while they don’t have adequate parking exclusive for PWD? We had no choice but to take out our food. Your prompt action is very much appreciated. Thank you

    Truly yours,

    Enrico B. Canasa
    Contact Nos. Globe: 09268150358;
    Smart: 09999838843

    P.S. Our taken out food are : 2pcs grilled hito, banana shoot and Liver and Gizzard adobo. total : P 480.00 no PWD Discount .

  12. Enrico Canasa Enrico Canasa

    While I am waiting for my wife to take out our foo from EVA ESCOSA NATIVE FOODS CO. a Restaurant
    located along Tarlac Sta. Rosa Highway or Provincial Road , Sto Rosario Young ,Zaragosa, Nueva Ecija. that there is no RAMP and Parking Space for PWD. According to my wife she noticed that there is no comfort room for PWD and no PWD discount posted inside the restaurant. May I request your good office to please refer this message to the government agencies concern for their info and prompt action againts violating PWD Law.

  13. Sir..

    i get need insurance for apply register PWD and hard-Life.. i am Deaf so none Jobless when can insutance monthly as save good money.

    you can telphone (046) 4139675..

    My live Tubuan E.asuncion silang cavite.

    hope contract to Mayor Hall in Silang cavite..

    thank you

  14. lem lem


    I would like to ask if income tax for pwd employees can be exempted or at least discounted by now.. I have been googling for an answer, I can’t get any 🙁

  15. Jeng Jeng

    Sir/ maam, i am PWD and i just want to ask if do we have any priviledge discount or tax- exempted on our monthly income tax in case we are working to any goverment or private institution? Hoping for your response. Thanks and God bless.

  16. renato p. padilla renato p. padilla

    Hello PWD Philippines,

    Paki tanong naman po, kasi si Mercury Drugs hindi fully implement yung vat exemption sa pwd hangang ngayon. Wala pa daw directive sa main office nila. The way they compute :

    – amount without vat, less 20%, then add 12% vat
    – for example, 1000 amount less vat = 892.85 less 20% = 714.28 + 12% = 799.99 (amount to be paid)

    Nag tanong na po ako, bakit ganun, sabi nila may inaantay po daw sila galing sa main office nila. Pero yung nanay ko senior citizen, vat exempt talaga ang computation.

    Sabi ko Dec 2016 may IRR sa exemption ng PWD sa VAT, February na hindi pa nila na implement sa Mercury Drug Store.

    Paano po kaya ito ma correct o tama ba sila sa pag compute ?

    salamat po.

  17. justo machon justo machon

    di po ba subject sa pwd yun prof. fees ng mga doctors sa private hospitals? di kasi kme nakakuha ng disc. for prof fees tatay ko ay pwd. i read na dapat kasama yun sa previlege ng pwd.

  18. jericson ang jericson ang

    Sir/ ma’am di po ba implemented na yung law last dec 2016 pa. bakit wala pa rin vat exemption for pwd sa mercury drug?

  19. Kim Santiago Kim Santiago

    Hello! What will we do with Mercury? They are still deducting 20% for the discount, and not 32%.

    Need your help.

    Thank you!

  20. ssa ssa

    grabe talaga ang mercury drug…tigasin…

  21. Johnson Johnson

    Di pa implemented ang vat excemption dito sa pangasinan dito sa bayambang, even st.joseph wala pang vat excemption.

  22. hello po..meron po bang home for PWD dito sa pilipinas?

  23. Evangeline cavintamendoza Evangeline cavintamendoza

    Mercury drug not deducting exact 12% only 10.7%. St Joseph no 12% deduction.

  24. Bernadette Pineda Bernadette Pineda

    Bakit po bumibili ako ng gamot para sa breast cancer (Herceptin subcue} sa GB distributor under Zuellig Pharma at hindi inapprove ng principal which is ROCHE ang PWD ID ko Ang mahal po kasi nung gamot 86,000 per injection at 18 beses po nya gagamitin. Hindi po ba sakop ang mga distributor ng gamot sa kasong ito? Ito po ba ay monopolize ng company dahil sila lang ang meron?

  25. Erwin rivales uy Erwin rivales uy

    Sir ask ko lng saan ang bgo location ng PWD sa tarlak city

  26. Ltenorio Ltenorio

    what about Physical Therapy?

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