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Defrauding the SSS: Why must we be vigilant?

Stealing from the Social Security System fund is both immoral and illegal. We in the PWD community abhor acts by non-disabled people that maligned and conspire to defraud what is a very sacred fund religiously maintained by millions of hard-working Filipinos. More than 6 out of 10 people in the Philippine maintain contributions to the SSS fund and among those contribute, a large 80% do so without a choice as it is automatically deducted from their salaries.

The SSS was first proposed by former President Manuel Roxas. After so much deliberation, the SSS was finally established by former President Elpidio Quirino, who made this his first act as president after the death of President Roxas.

The Philippines implemented Social Security in 1954 and is still based on 3.33% of a contributor’s monthly gross earnings. There are brackets that classify contributors based on income and contributed amount.

Pinoys with disabilities need only one (1) contribution to qualify for disability benefits. Please see their website for more details on how to claim.

One of the cases that PWDPhil intends to follow through is that of a Binangonan resident who has been known to get the pension of her grandmother (named Demetria) despite the old lady’s death in September 2014. Up until 2015, the Binangonan lady, which we will refer to as MACD, was known to have bragged that she is getting the SSS pension of her deceased grandmother.

A check with the SSS in Quezon City revealed that the fund stopped after MACD was no longer able to present her grandmother to the SSS office in Antipolo, which was the regional office handling Demetria’s pension. We have reported the matter to the SSS and they are currently investigating the matter, making calls and checking on the veracity of the complaint. The Organization for Pinoys with Disabilities has presented itself as the complainant and our corporate officers have a meeting with them to effectively pursue the matter and make MACD answerable for her crime.

The SSS pension fund is currently depleting and as contributors we are condemning this kind of fraud on a provident fund that has become part of our lives. It is a fund that commands respect and further thievery and exploitation of this fund by unscrupulous people like MACD should stop.  We all have a stake in this fund and in the same way we do not condone corruption by our own officials, neither shall we condone thievery by non-disabled, non-contributing individuals such as MACD. Rest assured that we will see this case through its final resolution following the dictates of the law at every turn.

If you are a SSS contributor and you know of someone defrauding the SSS, speak up. Report them to the SSS via landline 920-6446.

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  1. I have achronic kidney disease with type 2diabetes. My ledt kidney was already removed can I avail of the pwd id. If ever I am qualified do drug stores honor my 20%disxount even if I seem physically normal

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