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Number Coding Exemption for PWD

A while ago, a very nice person updated us on how to procure a UVVRP Exemption Certification or the MMDA Number Coding exemption for PWD.

 She provided us a copy of the requirement on what to present the MMDA office when applying for a MMDA Number Coding exemption for PWD. Basically there is and official procedure on how to apply but this is intended in the general public and not specific for PWD.

Below is the official procedure on how to apply for a number coding exemption:

What is the procedure in applying for UVVRP (Number Coding) exemption?

  1. Submit a letter of request addressed to the Office of the Chairman – MMDA (MMDA Main Bldg. EDSA cor. Orense St. Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati City).
  2. Submit a photocopy of the OR/CR of your vehicle.
  3. Upon approval, the applicant should pay an amount of P500 to the 6th floor (Treasury Department), for an exemption covering the period until December 30.

For PWD there are added document needed to procure first before going to the MMDA office in Guadalupe. In the image above stated that the following papers/documents are added to the basic requirements:

  1. Medical Abstract,
  2. Photocopy of your PWD ID.
  3. Certification form school if enrolled to a special school

If you have further inquiries or question regarding the policy please contact MMDA at the following details:

Address : MMDA Main Bldg. EDSA cor. Orense St. Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati City
Tel# : 882-0868 / 882-4150 local 1035
Email :


  1. Don Valdez Don Valdez

    I am a PWD and I would like to request for this. What exactly is a medical abstract and does anyone have a sample?

  2. PWDMom PWDMom

    You can ask for it from your doctor. It is a medical summary of your condition which serves as reference/proof that you are elgible as a PWD.

  3. Dindo Rodriguez Dindo Rodriguez

    Is it not enough just to present your PWD ID to MMDA Traffic Enforcers?

  4. Dindo Rodriguez Dindo Rodriguez

    My point is, PWD na nga di ba? Why still go to Guadalupe for am exemption?

  5. Kevin Pascual Kevin Pascual

    What if yung PWD(deaf 15 yrs old girl) is susunduin sa NAIA 3 sa araw ng number coding. At nakatira sa Cagayan Province na one time lang kung lumuwas. Kailangan pa ba magapply for exemption o dapat exemted na sana kasi nga PWD.

  6. Ako po ay 36yrs ng putol ang kaliwang paa,at ang anak ko po in born na di nakakalakad pareho kami may PWD I.D..kailangan pa po ba nakumuha kami ng medical abstract eh kita naman po ang pag kadisable namin..nagaahente po ako at kung saan saan ako nakakarating para maghanapbuhay..hindi po ba pwd na ipresent lang yung I.D namin pag kami hinuli sa color coding para sa exemption.

  7. Beverly M Maminta Beverly M Maminta

    Im Filipino. I have a UAE drivers licence expired already because I had stroke that’s why I’m here. Can I apply for license here? Do you release PWD plate number? Thank you for the advance reply

  8. Is there a more convenient way to apply for exemption if you are a PWD? I mean, you extend the courtesy to exempt us, but why the hassle of applying it in Guadalupe only? Can we not just apply through our local city hall or through the office who issued us the PWD card?

  9. juan dela cruz juan dela cruz

    PWD na yung tao base sa PWD id. kung nakasakay ay PWD, dapat automatic exempted yung vehicle sa coding scheme. may application requirements pa? anong kalokohan iyan? may bayad din application? another kalokohan. kalokohan ang MMDA. mga taong walang utak o nagbubulagbulagan ang mga namumuno.

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