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PETA’s Rak of Aegis Raks Anew

A young girl takes a video of herself singing and later goes viral on Youtube and finds fame and opportunity knocking on her door. This is basically the story of the hit Pinoy musical “Rak of Aegis”.  Yes, it sounds like “Rock of Ages” simply because it was meant to be so. It started with a joke some years back, when the director was in a conversation with a song writer and he jested “if there is a Rock of Ages, then there should the Rak of Aegis.” And the rest, so they say, is history.

When I first watched Rak of Aegis some four years ago, when it was first performed on stage, I was enthralled. On that day, they had the Aegis band watching and after the play there was an impromptu concert from the Aegis band and the actors of PETA (Philippine Educational Theater Association). It was truly a phenomenal performance. Since then, PETA has been taking Rak of Aegis across the country.

For those who do not know the Aegis band, they were famous recording artists of the 1990. Aegis is a pop rock band whose members are mostly siblings joined by a friend or two who could write good songs. The lead singers were amazing for being able to hit the high notes without effort. Their range was just unbelievable. In the 1990s, wherever you went you would hear an Aegis song and even if you hated it, you could never deny not knowing the lyrics. Aegis songs were catchy, unforgettable and easy to follow. Because of these traits, PETA took some of most beloved Aegis songs and turned into the one of the most successful Pinoy musicals of this generation. If you are interested in watching this musical, PETA is staging it again beginning June 20, 2018.

Call 0917-5765400 for ticket information.


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