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Are you qualified for a Solo Parent ID?

Are you a solo parent, caring for your child and family exclusively by yourself? Worry not because there are government-mandated benefits that are meant to help you and make parenting and supporting your child a bit easier, and not entirely the terrible burden it might seem to be. In the eyes of the law, being a solo parent may not be what you think it is. There have been several misconceptions about solo parenting that many of those who are qualified have failed to apply for their ID. This article was written to help educate our community on government benefits that they may be entitled to but are not aware.

Who can be a solo parent?

A solo parent does not necessarily mean that physically he or she is a parent. Generally it is any Filipino citizen who meets any of these conditions:

  • A widow or a widower – A parent whose spouse has passed away, is qualified as a solo parent. Regardless of the number of children, a widow or widower is entitled to the benefits of a solo parent.
  • A woman who has been gotten pregnant through rape or crimes against chastity and the mother has decided to keep the baby.
  • A parent whose spouse is incarcerated or is service a prison sentence for more than 1 year.
  • A parent whose spouse is afflicted with a physical/mental disability or incapacity. The spouse’s condition must be certified by a licensed medical professional, preferably working for a public health institution/hospital.
  • A parent who has been abandoned by his/her spouse, thus leaving custody to the solo parent applicant.
  • Any family member who assumes the custody of a child abandoned by the parents through de facto separation, disappearance or death.
  • Any foster parent who is duly licensed by the DSWD and assumes parental support for a child. The foster parent may be a relative or a stranger to the child, but must first be duly appointed as a legal guardian by the courts.

How can I get a solo parent ID?

It is the municipal social welfare development office that issues the solo parent ID. If you qualify based on the criteria mentioned above, then you can proceed to city o municipal hall with the following documents:

  • Barangay Certificate – proof that you are resident of your city or municipality for more than 6 months.
  • Proof of financial status – for working parents, you will have to present your form 2316 from your employer. In the absence of an ITR, you may ask your local social worker on what documents you can show in place of the ITR.
  • Birth certificate of your child – to establish parentage. In case of separated parents or the absence of both, you may request for assistance from the Barangay Captain to certify your status as a solo parent.

If you have questions, you may ask the DSWD, using the following contact details:
Phone: (632) 8-931-8101 to 07
Office address: Department of Social Welfare and Development, DSWD Building, Contitution Hills, Batasan Complex, Quezon City, PH 1126


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