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Is the water shortage of 2019 real?

There have been so many conspiracy theories about the water shortage in Metro Manila, mainly because the elections are up in a couple of months and people are looking for at who they should be quartered and hanged for this smelly and waterless misfortune. Some social influencers say it should be the Duterte administration because they gave all the water to the Chinese and that the “bypass” has been closed to bring the water to the construction site of Kaliwa dam, etc, etc.

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Universal Health Care Act is now law

The Universal Health Care (UHC) Act is now law and has been made a priority bill by both Congress and the Senate. This law has been lauded by so many organizations and institutions including the World Health Organization as a landmark piece of legislation, and true enough, this law makes us Filipino citizens automatically covered by PhilHealth. This administration should pat itself on the back for implementing a law that many administrations in the past had tried to agree on.

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Bullying: Why it shouldn’t happen

The case of the bully at the Ateneo Junior High School made headlines everywhere and even invited a lot of unwanted attention from all kinds of people. Netizens both here and abroad even went as far as to challenge the boy and his family to a fist fight. In our anger and disgust, we turned out to be no different from Joaquin Montes Jr, the 14 year old who was tagged as the Ateneo bully.

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