Makati has something extra for PWD residents

If you are a PWD residing in the city of Makati, then you’re in luck. Aside from the usual 20% discount on everything as mandated by law, a Makati PWD also gets the following:

  • Free movies – in all theaters within the city of Makati, no exceptions. Yes, watch all the movies you like in Greenbelt Cinema, Rockwell and other cinemas in the city. That is FREE movies, not discounts. Before you can avail of this benefit, you need to secure your free movie booklet from Makati City Hall. visit theĀ Makati Portal.
  • Parking allowances beyond three hours in the Central Business District – where normally all cars are only allowed to park up to three hours, a PWD driver or passenger of a car will be allowed to park beyond three hours or as needed without the penalty of being towed. Just make sure you show your PWD ID card to the parking attendant before leaving the vehicle. If you do not., your vehicle will be towed after three hours.
  • Free therapy at the Ospital ng Makati – free physical therapy sessions with a licensed physical therapist. This benefit is aimed at the indigents of the city but is also readily available to the PWDs of the City.

Around the Metro, PWDs are exempted from the number coding scheme. This is to give consideration to persons with disabilities who cannot travel using public transportation. It is assumed that PWDs have special vehicles that allow them to easily get or off the vehicle and some might even have special equipment that will allow the PWD to drive his own car. Whether your vehicle has special controls or not, as a PWD you are entitled to drive your own car and are allowed to use your vehicle at any time. To avail of this benefit, send a request letter to:

Atty. Francis N. Tolentino Chairman Metropolitan Manila Development Authority MMDA Building, EDSA corner Orense Street Guadalupe, Makati City

Contact Nos.: 882-2626; 882-0854; 882-0893; 882-0871