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Meet Rodrigo “Uncle Peewee” Kapunan


The happiest people seem to be those who have no particular cause for being happy except that they are so.” – William Ralph Inge

True enough, Rodrigo Kapunan, or Uncle Peewee to friends and family, is the ultimate inspiration to us here at and is probably one of the happiest faces I’ve ever seen. It is because of people like him that we are more determined than ever to push for equal opportunity for Pinoys With Disabilities.

This writer has met Uncle Peewee many years ago, around 2001 and since then I learned that the best thing to give a PWD is not charity, but respect and recognition, not of the disability but of the ability to rise up against one’s limitations and have a good quality of life. Many of us have worries about our looks, our weight, lines on our face, a misplaced mole, feet too big, feet too small, etc. Uncle Peewee has shown me how pathetic these concerns are. A spastic quadriplegic, Uncle Peewee doesn’t let that bother him. He has traveled, attended conventions, founded the Cerebral Palsied Association of the Philippines (CPAP) and had been on TV more than once to gather support for his fellow PWDs and having fun along the way. Uncle Peewee does not accept charity, not even from his own family. He has always paid for his own way and has never been out of a job for as long as I can remember. I know of more able-bodied people who have never had a job for as long as I can remember.

When I was still working for his nephew’s company, I would stop by his place share a few laughs with him. Seriously, this guy is hilarious, always smiling. His technical skills are far better than the average engineer, he designs things using Autocad in his spare time (I KID YOU NOT!) Sometimes I worry about how he gets around, but I’ve seen him when he goes out on his events. He has an assistant, who is under his employ, and they take a cab. Oo nga naman.

Uncle Peewee is the new face of We will be guided by his expertise on how to best help PWDs. We are one with him in the belief that PWDs need to be treated with respect and dignity and that being a person with a disability is not a hurdle to having a comfortable and happy life. Like any other person, a PWD can find work and fulfillment in his craft.

We at work towards raising awareness for the need to give the PWDs equal opportunities in society at large. Uncle Peewee is walking proof that a person with a disability can be happy and successful. You may add him as a friend in Facebook by clicking here. You may like us on Facebook by visiting our FB page.


  1. Wow! very inspiring indeed! galing 🙂 I am all for equal opportunities for people with disabilities. Minsan nga sila pa yung mas madaming alam and excel on what they are doing 🙂 Keep it up Uncle Pewee! 🙂

    • adminrp adminrp

      thank you for liking the post!

  2. yazmra yazmra

    Few ever remember or know that Uncle Peewee would have been a millionaire way back in the early 70’s had some people of authority believed in his capabilities as an aspiring inventor. His creations had been patented but because requests for fund assistance to mass produce them had been declined, the projects had gone to the shelves of oblivion. Years later, other individuals and countries laid claim to his ideas.

  3. My left eye is totally blind, a puj driver for the last 7 yrs until they refuse to renew my license. Is it fair?

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