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Xavier Ateneo offers scholarships!

Xavier University aka Ateneo de Cagayan is offering more than 250 scholarships slots for the next Academic Year 2020-2021. This is made possible by the President’s scholarship, which is automatically granted to applicants who belong to the top 15 entrance examinees. The President’s scholarship gives the student free tuition, matriculation and all other school fees plus P10,000 allowance for books and supplies. This is a full ride to college and this one’s free for the best of the best.

Other scholarships offered involve full tuition and matriculation, as well. There are special scholarships for incoming Senior High School students (Grade 11) which also give full tuition and matriculation plus additional allowances. Xavier Ateneo does not discriminate whether the applicant is rich or poor, with or without disabilities. The most important is that the student is serious about school and is focused on graduating, preferably on time and with honors.

Xavier University is the most prestigious center for learning excellence in Cagayan de Oro City. They have a prestigious law school that has a 90+ percentage passing rate in the Bar exams, a college of Medicine that is equally excellent, and a very high-tech College of Agriculture program unsurpassed by any other university in the country.

The old campus will soon give way to a better, more modern set of buildings in Uptown Manresa while the College of Agriculture will also move to a bigger campus with modern laboratories, facilities and equipment for a more technologically superior agriculture program unparalleled anywhere in the country.

If you are a Mindanaoan, Xavier Ateneo is the best place to get your Jesuit education. No need to fly to Manila. Xavier University has a complete academics program that will to an equally prestigious degree in either Law, Medicine, Accounting, Financeor Agriculture. They do not discriminate students as they all come from various religions, regions and dispositions. Students with disabilities are more than welcome to apply for the scholarships, whether you are an incoming college freshman or moving up into Senior High School.

For more information you may call: (088) 853-9800 or email or

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