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Category: Awareness

Clean Toilets For a Healthy Nation

Many people ignore the importance of having clean toilets. And in our last radio episode, talking about toilets is talking about the shit that truly matters, pun intended. In my home, the toilet is the most important room in my apartment. It gets more attention than the kitchen and I admit to spending time in it more than an hour a day, brooding and doing my business. Honestly, I find it difficult to do my business in other toilets, unless Mother Nature is really screaming at me with passionate urgency.

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Statement of PWD Philippines regarding the call of ACT-CIS partylist congressman Eric Go Yap against the alleged sale of PWD IDs.

We, in PWD Philippines, are against the abuse of the PWD ID. We are one in the call of the congressman on this abuse which is effectively filching money from our hard-earned taxes and we are also one in the prosecution of the perpetrators who have the gall to steal the benefits of the very people that RA 10754 has intended to protect. It is abuse upon abuse for a community of people who want nothing but to be treated with respect and equality.


Autism and the Filipino: Debunking the myths

Most Filipinos have an averse attitude towards the subject of Autism. Pinoy culture is very Asian in its core; there is so much protocol and social norm surrounding our interactions that more often than not, we hardly mean what we say. When offered food by an acquaintance in a formal setting, we are expected to politely decline the first time because it is considered rude to accept after just one offer, but then again, the offer was ritualistic and was not really meant to be accepted. Social interaction among us Pinoys is never about what we say, it is more about the things we don’t say that gets noticed.