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Who qualifies for the PWD ID?

Many of those who have disabilities have yet to claim their PWD ID and this article is for those who do not know if they qualify for the PWD ID and be able to claim the benefits and privileges that go with it.

According to Dr. Myla Rostrata of the Department of Health in Region 3, there are seven categories that classify the ID applicants These categories provide the basis for the granting of the IDs. These categories are:

Visual impairment – as far as we in PWDPhil know, there is no set grade that is considered to be the threshold that separates the disabled from the non-disabled. However, DOH specialists in the PDAO (persons with disabilities affairs office) in your town or city hall have a set protocol for determining who is visually impaired and who can qualify for a PWD ID based on visual acuity, or the lack of it. If the applicant’s eyes are discernible to be blind, then the applicant need not bring a clinical abstract to prove the disability, just bring your government-issued ID.

Hearing loss – anyone who cannot hear is considered to be disabled. However, there are various degrees of hearing impairment depending on the cause of the hearing loss. If you think that you are beginning to lose your hearing, it is best to try to have it treated right away. There are many occupations the depend on one’s ability to hear. If the applicant’s inability to hear is apparent, then there is no need to bring a clinical abstract to the PDAO when applying for the PWD ID.

Orthopedic disability – this category includes all those who have had amputations done to any of the extremities. This also includes those who have stunted growth because of dwarfism, a medical condition where the patient’s height and extremities did not grow to full mature size.

Learning disability – for students who cannot adjust to mainstream regular classes, they will need to go through the special education class program found in every public school. A learning disability is something that hampers or interferes with a student’s ability to learn basic concepts in math and science, knowledge that will help the student cope with everyday life. Without a basic education, the student will be unable to buy groceries, pay bills, earn a living or do any activity that requires critical thinking and stock knowledge.

Psychosocial disability – this is a category that includes those who have psychological and social problems that can leave them the sufferer unable to do what he/she normally does. These disabilities are not apparent and may not be easy to understand or to explain to health center workers who do not have a science background, thus the need for a clinical abstract to present to the PDAO, health center or DSWD regional office workers. Normally there are medical professionals who assess the application for PWD IDs, though some of them are not regularly available.

Chronic illness – There are illnesses that may not inherently lead to a disability but have been known to cause disability when a complication sets in. One such case is diabetes. Inherently diabetes does not cause disability. However, the inability to process sugar in your body may lead to complications such as diabetic retinopathy which could lead to blindness, sepsis which could lead to gangrene and later, amputation, or heart problems which could lead to a stroke. Again, some chronic illnesses are not apparent and will need a clinical abstract before a PWD ID is granted.

Mental disability – Sufferers of mental illness are automatically considered to be disabled and are sometimes automatically granted a PWD ID, as some mental illnesses can be apparent. Those with mental disabilities will usually need medical attention, constant supervision and assisted living arrangements as they are mostly unable to take care of themselves. Included in this category are children with Down syndrome, bi-polar disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and schizophrenia. Sufferers of this category will need a medical/clinical abstract prior to the issuance of a PWD ID

Those who apply for PWD IDs must also remind their doctors or medical professionals that any information about the state or the nature of their disability must be handled with utmost confidentiality. A Pinoy with disability has the right not to divulge any medical or health-related information about themselves. As the non-disabled people have the right not be harassed for their medical informatio, PWDs should also be allowed to exercise the same right.


  1. Martha de la Paz Martha de la Paz

    Do people with severe scoliosis considered PWDs?

    • maritess avancena maritess avancena

      twice na ako na stroke at dahil doon affected ang left foot ika ika me maglakad can i get pwd id tnx

      • remar remar


        • Marcelino Jr Saspa V. Marcelino Jr Saspa V.

          Mataas na po grado ng right eye ko consider na din po ba pwd id sa akin at isa pa may colorblind po ako

          • Jo Ann Duran Jo Ann Duran

            Nag undergo po ako ng tabhso pede po ba ako mag apply ng pwd id?

          • Sam Pascual Sam Pascual

            Magsubmit po kau ng clinical abstract from your opthalmologist or hospital sa pwd office at iaasess po ng head office kung covered kau sa id..

          • rose ann martinez rose ann martinez

            may nakapagsabi po saken na kapag g6pd ang baby considered pwd dw kaya ikuha ko dw po ng pwd id. totoo po ba un?

          • adminrp adminrp

            ang alam po namin, color blind po ay pwede nang magka-PWD ID

          • Leah Leah

            May Artial Septal Defect ang anak ko or may butas ung upper left side Ng heart nya…. qualified bo ba sya for PWD ID?

          • joy joy

            nagkaroon ako ng thyroid cancer since 2000. It has a lifetime treatment..cinsidered na ab ako PWD?

          • Charity Charity

            Good day po,
            Tanong ko lang po anak ko ADHD pwd po b makakuha ng pwd id?

            Salamat po sa sasagot

          • marginette O. isais marginette O. isais

            7 years nko naoperahan sa mayoma puede po ba ako makakuha ng PWD id?… now ko lng po kasi nalaman about this im 50 years old

        • Umee Umee

          May Type 1 Diabetes po ako, Insulin dependent….pwede po ba ako makakuha ng PWD id?

          • Tret Tret

            I was diagnosed with mild scoliosis. Am I eligible to apply?

          • Eric Eric

            I undergo metal implant at my right arm. Entitled din ba ako sa PWD ID?

          • maye maye

            pwede po b makakuha ng pwd ang may mild thoracic dextroscoliosis?

          • jane ricaforte jane ricaforte

            i have myaathenia gravis, a lifelong auto immune disease. muscle weakeness. will i qualify to have a pwd id?

          • James James

            I hope DSWD can assure us taxpayers that psychosocial disability does not get abused. Dami millenials may PWD cards na rin. Ang tindi ng mga attitude when demanding PWD privileges. Necessary ba talaga bigyan sila same privileges as those with physical disabilities? They can wait in line right? Pay the same amount as other citizens for commodities and food?

          • Paul reginald enriquez Paul reginald enriquez

            Hi! How about a person who suffers an injury permanently? Example a torn acl and was not repaired surgically. Is that qualified for pwd card?

          • Cecille Cecille

            Nakakakuha po ba ng pwd ang batang laging may pneumonia

          • Cecille Cecille

            Nakakakuha po ba ng pwd ang batang laging may pneumonia

          • Caline Ericka Mundo Caline Ericka Mundo

            Mam wala n po aq bahay bata.. Qualified po ba ako sa PWD I. D.?

          • Avon Avon

            I was diagnosed with dissociative disorder. Can I qualify for PWD ID?

          • Roverendo Marfil Roverendo Marfil

            Meron pp butas sa likod ng mata ko kaya po ang pangin ko sa letra ay parang umaalon..Gaya po letra na nasa tubig..dati po ako Ofw kaya po nawalan ako ng trabaho dahil nga po sa mata ko .pwede po ba ako mag apply as PWD.. SALAMAT PO.

          • Cherry Miranda Cherry Miranda

            I hve undergo total hysterectomy – do i consider a PWD

          • Jen Jen

            My concern about hearing. Minsan may kausap ako pero iba sinabi nya iba naman po dumating na words sa tenga ko, ask ko din po if kabilang na mga na operahan as PWD? May nakapag sabi lang po. Salamat

          • Jade Jade

            Yung bang naaksidente at hindi na naibalik sa dati ang kilos at galaw movements hindi po ba pwedeng maging qualified. Kasi after ng aksidente ko hindi na naging normal ang kamay ko katulad ng dati. Ang dami ko ng hindi nagagawa hirap na hirap din matanggap sa inaapplyang trabaho. Para po kc ang unfair naman. Yung kapitbahay namin naaksidente din na anak ng pulis mas normal pa kesa sa akin pero bakit may PWD I.D.

        • AK AK

          Hi diagnosed po ako with Depression and Anxiety. Pwede dn po ba ko magapply for PWD Id?

          • Guest Guest

            Yes, just provide a written diagnosis/medical letter from your psychologist or psychiatrist

          • Carol Ferrer Carol Ferrer

            Naputol.po ang isa sa right finger near Thumb consider po bang pwd?

          • Gemma Ramos Dela Cruz Gemma Ramos Dela Cruz

            You will be under Psychosocial Disability category,same sa husband ko na may diabetic neuropathy.

        • christeen christeen

          totoo po ba na pwede na magpag pwd id pag 300+ pataas po ang eye grade?
          Ako po kc is suffering sa 700/600 eye vission at tumataas po sya….

          • Fred Fred

            Hi na operahan ho ako nilagyan long pfn in short me bakal na po ako.. pwede po ako apply pwd I’d?

          • Myste Myste

            If 300+ po yung grade ng mata consider na po ba sya sa pwd? Mataas po kasi din ang astigmatism ko

          • judy ruth molina judy ruth molina

            same tau..650/700 ang akin….nakaavail k poh b teh ng id?

          • Jhay martinez Jhay martinez

            Na TABSHO po ako pwede n po b ako makakuha ng pwd id

          • Carmina Verdeflor Carmina Verdeflor

            Hello po pwede po bang makapagavail ang nadiagnosed ng thyroid cancer?

          • Eppie B.Hipolito Eppie B.Hipolito

            Maam na tahbso po- wala na ako uterus at ovaries di nako mkatayo. Ng matagalan pwede po bacako mka avail ng pwd id?

        • lhoy lhoy

          saan po nka category ang stroke

          • Maria nicandro Maria nicandro

            Ano category pag husterectomy? Thanks

          • Ask ko lang po ang Ischemic Stroke patient po b pwedi mag -avail ng pwd id?Thanks po

        • Alex Dequilla Alex Dequilla

          Hello gud day po, ask ko lang kung qualified ba makakuha ng PWD ID kung ang High Blood ko ay 140/90 lagi minsan tumataas at may maintenance nman , Now I’m 57 year old this coming March..

        • Emelita Emelita

          My husband is type 1diabetic he undergo with insulin dependent, pwede po b sya makakuha ng pwd i.d.,tnx po

          • Constancia R. Vasco Constancia R. Vasco

            Pwede po na magapply ang anak qbng PWD ID. Naoperahan ang dalawa nyang femur.. bakal ang inilagay both legs aftr mabali Ito due to vehicular accident. Another question is ang app q ay naoperahan da spinal column at the age of 1and half yes old. Qualified po b sila SA PWD i.d. tanx po SA reply

        • Princess Advincula Sallutan Princess Advincula Sallutan

          Hi po nstroke po kasi ako at yung mata ko po may problema 800 grade pwede po ba mkkuha ng pwd

        • Ike Ike

          Sir ung spech less or ngungi po ba kasali sa pwd?

          • Christine Christine

            Is imperforated anus kid(not yet corrected) and heart disease that is already corrected 2017 still be considered as PWD? Ilang years napo kase PWD ang anak ko .pero now na nagparecall ung mayor namen and ask us to present an updated cert of disability na dapat manggagaling lang sa city namen..ayaw na nila iconsider as PWD ang anak ko..

          • Intanbay fat Intanbay fat

            Pwede po ba makakuha ng id kung May sakit na fibroadenoma naoperahan na pero suddenly May naiwan pa na 6pcs na bukol sa suso every 6months po checkup sa doctor para mamonitor

        • Jehu allas Jehu allas

          Ask lang po if may frozen shoulder lift and right pede na po ba sa pwd I’d? Lemited na po kc galaw ko d na po ako makapagtrabaho salamat po.

      • Jez Jez

        I have slipped disc and has PWD ID. Worse pa dito ang scolio so pwede rin. If it hinders your ability to do regular daily task, then it may be considered as disability. Yun yung explanation sakin nung doctor konna gumawa ng medical abstract ko. Ask for a medical abstract from your ortho para makakuha ka din ng ID

        • Regine Regine

          Kahit po anong type of slip disc pwede na mag-apply for PWD id? Kung nakapag-surgery ka or not?

          • Kirwin Kirwin

            Hi, Yun anak ko may Atrial septal defect (ASD) pwede ko ba iapply ng pwd id? Thanks

          • Maritess Sibylle Burgos Maritess Sibylle Burgos

            I have low back pain in my lumbar area, caused to root nerve pressure, it is so bad i cant almost walk or stand nor find a proper position to sleep since i was 22, im 39 now. I have difficulties walking and going up the stairs. Can i qualify for pwd?

        • Michelle Cerbito Michelle Cerbito

          My husband may slip disc din nag theraphy sya medyo gumaling but sumasakit pa din but not compare dati… Qualified paba sya sa pwd?

        • Aurora Magayon Aurora Magayon

          Hello. I was just recently diagnosed with spondiolisthesis grade 2 pwede kaya ako kumuha nang pwd?

          • Auie Auie

            I was born with ASD, can i be a qualifie PWD

        • Fernando Fernando

          dalawang doctor na hindi ako binigyan ng medical abstract, may herniated disc ako L4 L5S1 .pinahihirapan ako ng sakit na ito. pabalik balik lang kahit nag therapy. sabi nila ayaw kita maging PWD at pag na operahan ka na, lalong hindi ka PWD !
          wala akong money pang opera, kahit sana id nalang malaking tulong na para sa gamot.

          • Morenq Morenq

            L4L5S1 hirap napo ba kayo maglakad at kumilos? In chronic pain? Surgery napo ba recommended sa inyo? Ano po doctor nyo? Ako buong leeg ko may problema at affected 2 kamay ko. In chronic pain. I cannot drive nor write much or do fine motor. Maski pag click ng mouse, Masakit. My neuro gave me a medical certificate for PWD. Orthopedic Disability.

      • Alper Alper

        I am a stroke survivor and yes you can apply for pwd id, i got 1

      • Yes. I am also a stroke survivor and have the same walking imbalance favoring the left side due to weakness and numbness. Our city health officer in Sn Pablo City gave me a medical certificate classifying it as an orthopedic disability and that qualified me for a PWD ID issued by DSWD San Pablo City office.

      • Dhan Dhan

        Bkit sa balagtas dswd discriminate nila ang philhiv person hindi renew ang pwd id dami nila gusto hingin pa. Anu b usually need sa renewal?

        • ron ron

          yung old id lang at 2 1×1 photos para sa booklet at bagong id. di dapat nila tinatanggihana ng renewal ng pwd id for PLHIV. labag ito sa batas.

          • Roderick Bacones Roderick Bacones

            My right kidney was removed because of cancer….am i qualified to be a pwd im 56 years old

          • Mary Grace Diaz Mary Grace Diaz

            Good morning Po, na operahan Po Ako,at tinangal na Ang buong thyroid ko, pwede ba Ako makakuha ng pwd ID?

      • Allyna Allyna

        Hinihingi po na requirements sa pwd is
        med cert, phil health no., and 2×2 and 1×1 pics saka voters ID or voters certification of comelec. Pano po yun di po rehistrado mother ko na nastroke di ba sia pwede mabigyan ng PWD ID?

        • Morena Morena

          Bakit need ang voters certificate. Ang need lang ay medical certificate at ID pictures. Ung iba medical abstract pa. Check NCDA website

      • Maria Fatima C.Garcia Maria Fatima C.Garcia

        Hi i was diagnosed with graves disease this condition is auto immune and i also diagnosed with nasal septal deviation and inferior turbinate hypertrophy bilateral and i was advised to undergo surgery makakakuha b ako ng pwd s totoo ln pag sumakit ang ulo q n ngmumula s ilong ko hrp n hrp ako huminga lalo na at mdlas mg bleed ang ilong ko mnsn naapektuhan p un tenga ko n prng hilong hilo n navevertigo my insident p nga n ngyre n nhimatay aq

        • Patricia Subere Patricia Subere

          Hi! Yes. You may. I have one and I have the same problem as you. Mine was under visual disability since my eyes popped out due to graves. I just underwent Orbital Decompression Surgery lasr August to try to correct it.

          • Hazel jaena Hazel jaena

            Is a child who born cliff palate consider as pwd po ba?

          • Genevie Genevie

            Good day po. I was diagnosed to have a toxic goiter/Graves dse. Nagpopped out po mata ko. I also went into RIA last 2016 I think. At under maintenance na din. Pwde kaya akong mag apply for PWD?

      • Levi Levi

        Yes, this is my case…i have a pwd id

      • Nafracture po yung bone ko sa binti kaya inoperahan ako at nilagyan ng metal yung bone ko.. Macoconsider ko ba na pwd ako?

      • Ayah Ayah

        Can a person who has the appendix removed can get sa pwd id?

    • Maria Maria


      • remar remar

        scoliosis po qualified ba?

        • Jez Jez

          I have slipped disc and has PWD ID. Worse pa dito ang scolio so pwede rin. If it hinders your ability to do regular daily task, then it may be considered as disability. Yun yung explanation sakin nung doctor konna gumawa ng medical abstract ko. Ask for a medical abstract from your ortho para makakuha ka din ng ID

    • Josephine Josephine

      Is an ADHD person considers PWD?

      • Name Name

        Yes po!

        • Name Name

          All you have to do it bring the developmental pediatrician’s or psychologist’s evaluation stating that the person is confirmed to have ADHD when you apply for the card.

          • Rose Rose

            Hi is global disorder delay qualified for pwd id? Thanks

          • Monica Monica

            nung nag apply po kayo and humingi sila ng baranggay clearance, name ng parent/guardian ang nakalagay or dapat yung name ng bata? thank you po.

        • Ike Ike

          Speech less or ngungi ba consider as a pwd?

          • john john

            yes pwd po ang ngongo/cleft palate

        • rosa rosa

          ako po ay nadaignose ng rhaumathoid atrithis pwede po ba map apply ng pwd

      • abby abby

        i thinkm yes.learning disability sya pasok

    • remar remar

      yes. i have a friend na may pwd id na scoliosis ang case.

    • nimfa nimfa

      qualified po ba ang natanggalan ng matris?

      • Abbee Abbee

        You are qualified to get a partial disability and Magna Carta if you had hysterectomy. You can claim your benefits from SSS.

        • Ano pong type of disability if total hysterectomy kc may choices po sa pag fill-up ng form? thanks

          • Ingrid Ingrid

            It’s only partial dissabilitu and applicants must be 44 year below only.. go to SSS to get form and reqts

          • Ma Cristina G.Flores Ma Cristina G.Flores

            I am asthmatic hypertensive,Cancer survivor twice .Can I get Pwd id ?

          • Ano pong type of disability if total hysterectomy kc may choices po sa pag fill-up ng form? thanks

    • Marlon Bonifacio Marlon Bonifacio

      I have psoriasis and medyo nahihirapan ako maglakad ngayon pwede po ba ako mag apply ng pwd id?

      • cynthia tomagan cynthia tomagan

        yes, I have an officemate who has the same case with you and has a PWD ID
        Secure a medical certificate from your doctor, thanks

        • Claire Claire

          I have psoriasis too, but most of the time I’m cleared. I’m hesitant to apply for a PWD ID because I don’t look like I have disability.

          • Roseli Roseli

            Same wd me, clear skin now then with exacerbations and psoriatic arthritis later.i got one for over a year now.we need everybody’s help.ask your derma for your mdcert plus other requiremnts needed then go to dswd for pwd id.

          • rob rob

            i have psoriasis too… i just have few flare up lang sa skin nung nagapply ako for pwd ID.. nung unang try ko hindi ako binigyan.. but nung second try binigyan ako.. strict din kasi ang mga nasa MSWD namin.. since unpredictable ang pag atake ng psoriasis karapatan ng may mga psoriasis tulad ko ang mag ka pwd ID, napapasama kasi ang may psoriasis under psychosocial disablity po..

      • Tina Tina

        yes po. I have Psoriasis din po. Hingi po kayo ng medical abstract from your derma.

    • Jane Jane

      Is a person with a grade 550+ in their eyes considered as PWD? And also a person with depression disorders?

      • jerald hamis jerald hamis

        300 po grado ng mata ko, qualified po ba ako for PWD id? thanks

        • Elniel Elniel

          depend po sa city, sa taguig 400 eye grade pataas qualified na. sa QC 750+ po

          • Karla Karla

            Paano po malalaman kung ilan po per LGU? Thanks.

          • kim kim

            both eyes po ba dapat 750+ ung grade? yung anak ko kasi 900 na ung left pero 350 yung right, and yung husband ko, 2000+ na yung left, 350 yung right.

        • Chris Chris

          Hello po, ask ko lang po if qualified for PWD ang persons na tinanggalan na ng gall bladder? Thank you

    • i had undergone total hysterectomy, can i avail the benefits of pwd?

    • Nicole Baylon Nicole Baylon

      H! Is it true that people with eye grades 350 and above are qualified to get PWD ID? If not, is there a limit to the grades?

      • Binky Binky

        I think 600po. The optha consider them legally blind already. My daughter’s grade is 800.

        • nenette macaraeg nenette macaraeg

          my husband’s left eye is already blind, can he apply for a pwd id

          • Anna Reyes Anna Reyes

            Meron po akong Degenerative disc disease, malimit po nasakit ang lumbar ko at hirap din po ako makalakad dahil sa palaging paglagutok ng buto ko. Pwede po ba ako kumuha ng pwd id?

          • Joy Joy

            My left eye has been blind since birth due to congenital cataract. I am not qualified to get a PWD ID.

        • Richard Richard

          Hi 625 po grado ko both eyes, ask ko lang po kung pano kumuha ng reccomendation for pwd sa opthal tnx

          • Myca Myca

            Same concern po. Sa akin naman po 1600 sa right eye, 1400 sa left eye. 🙁 Sana makakuha po tayo ng PWD ID.

          • Jenny Jenny

            Pwede po ba ako makakuha ng pwd id meron po akong congenital Heart disease with severe pulmonary hypertension. At bawal na po akong mag work dahil konting kilos ko lng po nangingitim na Me agad at hirapang huminga

    • Carlito Bayumbon Carlito Bayumbon

      i have 15 degrees scoliosis, can i apply PWD id?

    • arpee lazaro arpee lazaro

      ang alam ko pwede ang sxoliosis. the best people to ask would be the PDAO office ng city hall. Sila na ang nagiissue ng pwd id. Mas masasabi nila kung bibigyan ka nila o hindi

      • Charisma Araneta Charisma Araneta

        Good afternoon po tnong ko lng po nag under go surgery po aq. 1year na po ang lumipasbinutasan po aq sa gilid at nkalabas po bituka ko doon po aq dumudumi . Makakakuha po ba aq pwd id.

    • hazel hazel

      Hi i have RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS and hindi ko na kaya pumipila matagal at naglalakad malayo for parking. can I get a PWD card? thank you!

    • Sid Sid

      Post removal of urinary bladder and prostate due to transitional cancer, is he eligible for PWD?

    • John Paul Posoga John Paul Posoga

      Hi Ask ko lang if cover ng PWD ID ang severe sleep apnea? unintentionally nakakatulog bigla even in my work. i can’t drive din po kasi prone sa accident. it can lead din po kc sa cardiac arrest ? thanks sa sasagot.

    • Ian Seeckts Ian Seeckts

      Sana may minor scolio din

    • bryan bryan

      asan po pwde mag apply ng trabaho PWD

    • ung natanggaln po ng gallbladder is it qualified also for PWD

      • Jose Ampil Mercado Jose Ampil Mercado

        wala pa rin sumasagot sa post na to. Gusto ko rin sana mag ask that I have had my gallbladder removed this March.

      • anoka toussaint anoka toussaint

        yung natanggal po right kidney puede po kaya kumuha ng PWD id?

      • Mac Mac

        Are you qualified for pwd id? Any updates to your concern

    • Levi Umali Jr. Levi Umali Jr.

      We would like to enable Persons With Disabilities thru EDUCATION. We offer free trainings on Computer, Basic Financials and Behavioral Trainings. If interested, kindly inquire and look for Ms Weng thru 353-4451

      • Dustin Dustin

        Hi, I would like to ask if the person who is not PWD allowed to use PWD ID?

    • Marrey Bartolata Marrey Bartolata

      Yung batang malabong mata pwd n rin b un?

    • bulag po isang mata ko pede po b ako mkakuha ng id n pwd??

      • Joy Joy

        Ang aking kaliwang mata ay bulag (ni hindi nakakaaninag kahti ng liwanag), pero sabi ng aking doktor sa mata na hindi ako pwedeng makakuha ng PWD ID. Ang aking kanang mata ay nakakakita pa. Ang halos di nakakakita sa 2 mata lang raw ang pwedeng kumuha ng PWD ID.

      • Hani Cali Hani Cali

        anong height po nag considered for dwarfism?

    • DocLaps DocLaps

      This is a very abused diagnosis. A person with scoliosis can still function normaly. Unless the patient has attained maximum medical intervention, doctors should refrain from giving PWDs status to scolio patients.

      • Sienna Sienna

        I understand where you are coming from. It’s true that most scolio patients can still function effectively but that it only because most have mild scoliosis conditions. Let us be sensitive to the scolio patients who have undergone surgery and whose daily lives are truly affected by their body braces. Sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to try placing ourselves in the shoes of others before opening our mouths 🙂 God bless.

      • KampanerangKUBA KampanerangKUBA

        Nakakahiya naman sayo, dati akong nurse sa Middle East at dahil sa more than 20degree na ang scoliosis koi Hindi na ako medically fit. Nawalan ako ng trabaho Kahit Malakas ako ngayon doclaps massv mo bang unfair parin ang kakarampot na discount Hindi naman kami binibigyan ng Pera pampalubag loob Lang ang 10%discount sa pagkain sa fast food paminsan minsan at discount sa rehabilitations. Pasalamat ka wala kang sakit

    • Aging Aging

      Is Spasticity a disability in the Philippines?

    • Gloria colico Gloria colico

      If ckd patient ka stage 5 dipa na dialysis makakakuha ba ng pwd ?

    • venus coloma venus coloma

      pwede po b ako mk avail ng PWD , ako po ay hysterectomy n po sence 2014?

    • Rosario Bautista Rosario Bautista

      Puede na din po ba mag apply ng pwd id ang may rheumatoid arthritis?

    • Mariglene M. Mariglene M.

      Pwede po ba kumuha ng pwd ang may scoliosis?

    • sheryll martinez sheryll martinez

      yung ligate po b considered as Pwd?

    • Nelia G Tagorda Nelia G Tagorda

      Hello,ask ko.lng if mka avail ba as PWD husband ko recently undergo angioplasty.Mahal kasi masyado.maintenance.

    • Buenafe Aureada Buenafe Aureada

      Salamat po sa programa ng dswd para sa mga pwd. Tanong ko lng po kung qualified ba sa pwd id ang may bingut sa bibig. Salamat

    • Belinda D. Olvis Belinda D. Olvis

      Does it consider pwd if person has Scolliosis and Osteporosis.?

    • Kath Baroa Kath Baroa

      Ang my VERTIGO po ay considered as PWD?

    • Karen Karen

      4’6 po height q at malabo pa po mga mata q po consider na po ba na makakuha po aq pwd id

    • Jo Jo

      Hi po may Scoliosis and slipped disc po ako can i get a PWD Id since bawal po ako magslouch and nkatayo ng matagal since commuter po ako

    • Ace Dela cerna Ace Dela cerna

      Ang cancer po saang category ma belong sa pwd???? Tama ba na psychosocial?? Plssss thanks

    • Meron po akong scoliosis…nasa 36 degreemakakapasok po po kaya ako ng trbaho…kht janitress lang

    • Ryan Milan Ryan Milan

      I was diagnosed for parkinson desease intitled po ba ako as pwd?

    • Maricor Malayan Maricor Malayan

      Done double masectomy. Pwde po bang makuha ng pwd I’d? Salamat po

    • Reia Reia

      Was recently diagnosed with onset hypertension with left atrial wall dilatation. Also have multinodular goiter requiring biopsy and scheduled for a surgery of total thyroid removal. Can I qualify for a Pwd Id ?

  2. Rowell Macalinao Rowell Macalinao

    May epilepsy ako. Pwede din ba ko makakuha ng pwd ID

    • Tin Tin

      yes you can, you must get your EEG and submit result when you apply. My son has seizure disoder and go his pwd id, helps a lot when buying medications for his seizure. Talk to your pwd representative in your barangay.

      • Kristel Marasigan Kristel Marasigan

        What kind of disasbility po ng fall ang seizure? Meron kz ang baby ko kaso tinatanong ako kung what type of disasbility un. Thanks

      • David Cuevas David Cuevas

        Hi, Kristel. May seizure din ako. It is under psychosocial disability.

        • Mary Jane Mary Jane

          ano po requirements pra apply ng me epilepsy s PWD ID?


      May myasthenia gravis po ako and it has affected me so much. I cannot walk anymore because of very weak muscles and limbs, pati mga kamay mahihina. Kahit akay akay ako titiklop pa rin mga tuhod ko at tutumba ako pag di ako naagapan saluhin. Is this not considered a chronic disease and considered a disability? I am a government employee and I want to apply for disability retirement.

      • Jennifer Villafuerte Jennifer Villafuerte

        Hi Ma’am! Just would like to ask if you were given a PWD ID for your MG. My aunt has the same condition and would like to know if she can get one.

    • Erick Erick

      Yes. I have focal seizure and medical certificate lang dinala ko.

    • myra ares myra ares

      yes you are qualified as long you have medical certificate from your Neurolgist. my husband have same problem and he had the PWD id

  3. Marife Biarcal Marife Biarcal

    People with pacemakers considered as PWD?

  4. maritess avancena maritess avancena

    twice na ako na stroke at dahil doon affected ang left foot ika ika me maglakad can i get pwd id tnx

    • jec padua jec padua

      may friend po ako na stroke patient na nakuha ng PWD ID, try mo po mag-apply sa munisipyo nyo, dala ka po ng medical abstract at valid ID

      • Wel Wel

        Hi po. I just recently had a mastectomy. Do I qualify for PWD privileges and what category po? Thank you.

  5. Ceddie Belaksi Ceddie Belaksi

    Meron PO akong astigmatism, medyo mataas po ang grado. qualified po ba Yun for pwd I’d as visual impairment?

  6. Jomari Jomari

    I have amblyopia on my left eye, considered na ba na legally blind ka and eligible to get a pwd id??

  7. Joenalyn Joenalyn

    Pag na operahan ba ng tabso,, considered ba ito sa pwd

    • Maria Maria

      Yes. As long as you have proper certification. And you need HRT , menopausal symptoms leads to psychosocial problem

      • hyline hyline

        total hysterectomy po pede po bang magkaron ng PWD ID?

        • Katie Katie

          from QC ako nag apply for my daughter just waiting for my brgy to appy it in qc hall, AMBLYOPIA case ng anak ko 600 grado sa right eye pero PLANO or no grade 20 vision sa left. magragrant kaya sya ng PWD ID? 9yrs old lng sya.

        • Yurie Joy Palaran Yurie Joy Palaran

          If Po ba Asthmatic and May Neuropathy Can Have Pwd ID?

      • Tessa Navarro Tessa Navarro

        Hi, tama ba ang understanding? Nag undergo na ako ng TAH-BSO in July 2008 at 40 years old. Am now 50 years old & never knew na qualified daw ako for PWD ID.
        Kindly advise if am still qualified despite my age. And also, what does HRT mean or stand for?

    • Judy Flores-Comesp Judy Flores-Comesp

      Clarification lamang po, totoo po ba na kapag nag undergone ng TABSO ang isang babae ay di pwedeng mabigyan ng PWD ID? Hindi kasi pwede dito sa Gen. Santos City… Hoping for your immediate reply…Thank you po.

      • Hello , Sa Pagkuha po ba ng PWD ID may bayad ? magkano po ?

        • Jez Jez

          Wala po. Dala lang ng government ID, 1×1 picture at medical abstract tas bibigyan na ng ID.

          • elizabeth arma elizabeth arma

            medical abstract means? medical report? glasses prescription?

          • Hi po..ask po ako ang baby ko 6mos nd makarinig ang isang tenga nya pina check up namin ni required ang baby ko ng hearing aid.medyo may kamahalan ask sana ako if considerd po pwd ang baby ko?para makakuha kmi ng discount.salamat po

    • emily baulete emily baulete

      pag naoperahan ba ng myoma connsidered na ba s pwd?

      • anoka toussaint anoka toussaint

        waiting for reply

        • Felton Felton

          I am currently suffering and have always been diagnosed as having asthma since birth. Do I qualify us PWD and get an id. Now I’m also suffering from high blood pressure also?

    • John Paul John Paul

      Pag Hypertension po consider na din po pwede mag apply ng PWD

  8. Marlyn Sigua Marlyn Sigua

    Kung may congenital heart disease, pwedi po bang kumuha ng id? kasi po till now nag memaintainpo ng gamot ung pamangkin ko

  9. Mine Advincula Mine Advincula

    Good Morning.

    May i ask if pregnant woman can avail PWD Card?

    Seeking for your advice

    Thank you.

    • Maria Maria


      • Rommel Dino Rommel Dino

        Tanong ko lang po kung qualify kaming dalawa ng pamangkin ko na mag apply ng PWD ID, meron pon ako sleep disk, at skin astmah naman po yung sa pamangkin ko, medical certificate lang po ang kailangan naming ipresent.

  10. Victoria Victoria

    I have been wearing glasses since I was 1y/o. My grade is now at -10.75 (1025). Is this considered as being visually impaired?

    • jiann jiann

      yes absolutely you can get yours

      • Johanna Paula S. Bendo Johanna Paula S. Bendo

        How about yung 900-950 na grado ng mata? Does it qualify?

    • Jem Dizon Jem Dizon


  11. John John

    hi I was diagnosed with panic disorder and been suffering for 1 year up to today. Continuously having my psychotherapy and taking prescribed medications for 1 year also. Am I qualified for the PWD benefits?

    • Sasa milaños Sasa milaños

      Yes po

  12. Michael Michael

    Hi, I was diagnosed with a Type 1 Diabetes last January 2018, and Insulin na po yung Meds na ginagamit ko. I’m just 21y/o po and medyo mabigat po para sakin ung mga gamot ko kasi it cost around 2k to 3k and it will last only for 2-3weeks ung Meds ko. Makaka avail po ba ako kung mag aaply ako?

    • Joyce Joyce

      Opo Pareho tayo hehe mag-aapply pa lang po ako.

      • Kai Kai

        Hi. May I ask if you were granted an id? Tried getting 1 today but was advised that only those with disability due to a chronic illness will be given id cards. Is this correct?

        • Jeff Jeff

          Would want an update on this.. ang diabetes patient ba makakakuha ng PWD id? Accdg kasi sa Pwd office dito sa amin only those who are disabled due to chronic illness ang mabibigyan.

      • Mark Mark

        Hi naka kuha ba kayo? Same case here 22 ako nagka T1Diabetes.

      • ELLA ELLA

        Hi. Yung pamangkin ko po may type 1 diabetis,6 yrs. old . Enough na po ba yung clinical abstract to prove na my diabetis sya at maqualify para sa PWD ID?

      • Hi. Yung pamangkin ko po may type 1 diabetis, 6 yrs. old po sya . Enough na po ba yung clinical abstract to prove na my diabetis sya at maqualify para sa PWD ID? expensive po kasi ang maintenance pag my diabetis.

    • Nathalie Nathalie

      HELLO few days ago my daughter went to our municipality office in Floridablanca, Pampanga to ask for a PWD ID but was denied. She is 14 years old diagnosed T1D when she was 9 years old. Naka avail na po ba kayo?

      • Steph Steph

        Sabi sa pwd office sakin di daw kasali diabetes regardless if its type 1 or type 2

    • Madridano Madridano

      Hello Sir Michael na approved po kayo??kasi anak ko 5 year old type 1 diabetis. Din.

  13. Carmelita Rodriguez Carmelita Rodriguez

    Does a person diagnosed with renal cell cancer qualify to be classified as a PWD?

    • Jade Jade

      Yes.all kind od cancer

      • Eichen Eichen

        what if na opera na un cancer na stage 1.. like papillary carcinoma.. can still avail of pwd id?

        what if with slight hearing loss for both ears.. having corrective eye glasses since 8 yrs old.. having 800 both eyes.. pd mag pwd id?

      • Joie Joie

        I’m an ovarian cancer patient in Makati Stage 3c. I was denied of PWD id even with complete requirements. They said they will only issue pwd ID for cancer patients if it caused amputation or physical disability due to cancer. I was saddened when they told me this.

        • Christelle Christelle

          No, based on the law cancer patients and survivors are considered PWDs and they have the same rights and privileges as PWDs. You could look it up at RA 11215 Art. 7 Sec 23-26. I have Non-hodgkin lymphoma and I was able to get a PWD ID.

          • Christelle Christelle

            So they should have issued you a PWD ID.

  14. Kath Kath

    Considered pwd po ba ang may mga heart disease?

    • Chie Chie

      Yes Kath I have rheumatic heart disease
      Nag try ako nag apply ng PWD ID dito sa city hall
      Namin nagpasa Lang ako ng clinical abstract and
      Baranggay indigency nun nabasa Nila
      Agad Nila ako binigyan ng PWD ID
      tsaka sobrang bait nun nag assist sa akin
      pinaliwanag pa akin yun about PWD

      • Melinda Melinda

        Hi. Ano pong nilagay na type of disability sa pwd id mo?

      • Grace Grace

        Hi chie! San consider or categories ang rhd case… im planning kasi kumuha ng ped id rhd with enlargement ang case ko. I have med certificate n nakalagay don yung finding and recommendation ni doc. Sbi ng tg pwd sa amin need daw include kung what type ako ng disability.. alam daw ng doctor ko yun nagtuturuan n sila… sbi pa ng tg pwd ano daw cause and effect ng sakit ko s akin.

      • Imelda Gimenez Imelda Gimenez

        Hi ms chie ano pong type ng disability ang RHD?

    • Dennis J Tercio Dennis J Tercio

      Wanting update for this. Sabi samin sa hospital pwede kami mag apply ng PWD since may ACS ako (Acute Coronary syndrome) then pagpunta namin sa QC City hall at sa DSWD di tinanggap andami nilang rason


    If wala na po ako matris consider po ba Pwd po.thanks

    • precilla cillo precilla cillo

      natanggalan n po ako ng left ovary, .uterus, at left and right palopian tube. consider po ba Pwd ako. tnx po

  16. Rick Rick

    Hi po.ask culng po sana if pwedi po ako mka kuha ng pwd aksidente po kc kmi sa motor dati ngayon po my acl pa po ako hnd na po mkatakbo.meron prin pong bakal sa paa.5 po kc bali ng paa ko nun.slamat po

  17. Amanda B. Ignacio Amanda B. Ignacio

    i want to ask po. if maka categorized po bang PWD if isa lng po ang nakakakitang mata?since i was 4yrs kasi blind na po yung left eye ko.

    • Edz Edz

      My brother has the similar case, he was given a PWD card

  18. bong bong

    tanong ang club foot ba na, inayos na kasama pa rin ba ito sa pede rin ba silang makakuha ng PWD ID?

    • marisa marisa


  19. Charida claire sancho Charida claire sancho

    Pwede ba yung left ear loss hearing?

    • Joan Joan

      Yes pwede. Mine was right naman

  20. Ma loida carambas Ma loida carambas

    Ang Asawa ko po ay may lung cancer stage 4.tuwing dadaan cia Ng mga CT scan diagnostic procedures hinahanap n po cia Ng PWD card. Nasabi din po ito Ng oncologist Nia na pwede cia saPWD kc Alam nila na puros.hingi kami tulong saPCSO at Kung saan saan.pero nung pumunta po ako sa DSWD dito sa Amin Sabi nila Hindi raw considered Yung sakit niya sa PWD.tulungan niyo po kami.halos d kami makatulog na pamilya Kung paano kami makaraos sa laki Ng gastos Ng mga gamot at hospital.pwede poba cia sa PWD

    • Jackie Jackie

      Opo… ako may leukemia nabigyan ng PWD card

      • Gina Gina

        How nyo po naapply yung Leukemia as Disability kasi ni re reject sa DSWD namin ang application ko, wala daw sa list of particular disability (visual, communication, learning, intellectual, orthopedic, mental)

    • Alexander Yu Alexander Yu

      Qualified po as PWD. Magtanong po kayo sa iba. Lapit muna kayo sa doctor nyo. Bigyan nya kayo recommendation. Pa pirma nyo sa baranggay at dalhin nyo sa munisipyo o city hall.

    • Kendo kaneshiro Kendo kaneshiro

      Qualified yan.. pumunta muna kayo sa oncologist humingi kayo ng papers para sa application ng pwd.. then dumirecho kayo sa barangay para sa another paper for application.. lastly direcho kayo sa cityhall department ng pwd para mag apply dahil nyo lahat ng papers na nakuha nyo sa doctor at barangay.. wag po kayo mag tanong sa dswd bopols po mga tao dyan.. dun po kayo sa munisipyo cityhall pwd department mag tanong ng procedure..

    • Milady Milady

      All type of cancer is considered pwd

      • beng beng

        san po nakacategorized ung all kind of cancer ma’am . breast cancer for example need ko po ng reply thank u

  21. Asawa ko po wala ng matres ( left & right ovaries ) qualified as PWD

    • wenz wenz

      ay pag wala po matres qualified as pwd?

  22. Dondi Dondi

    Yun pong right leg ko ay mas maiksi nang 1 inch kaysa sa left dahil po nabalian ako nang paa at nung gumaling na po ay di na sila pantay. Pwede po ba ako maconsider as a PWD?

  23. Ynah Cuadra Ynah Cuadra

    May I ask po if my eye grade is 250/250 is it consider as PWD? Thanks.

    • Mk Mk

      Your eye grade should be at least +/-350 to be qualified as visually impaired.

      • Amanda santos Amanda santos

        Hi! Do I need a medical certificate from a government clinic or any evidence na more than 350 yung grade ng mata? Thanks in advance!

      • Ellen Ellen

        My eye grade is 1000+ right eye and the left eye is 350.. nung nag ask ako sa opta ko Kaya ko nmn raw if Im wearing eye glasses d nya ko binigyan cert. Ang hirap Kaya.kahit may eye glasses.. since d pantay Ang grade nakakalublub minsan dhil d Rin pantay Ang kapal NG lens ko.. I guess pa check akonsa ibang opta.

        • Regine Regine

          Same case for me. 700 both eyes ko. Hindi raw ako qualified kasi nakaka-function daw ako pag may glasses.

  24. Bi Lok Bi Lok

    They do not honor SLE anymore as per DOH it should be normal. How can you be normal if you are dependent on medication and you cannot even go out under the sun for too long or be exposed to others?

    • Jedi Jedi

      I have SLE Class IV Nephritis, qualified as PWD and nabigyan po ng PWD ID last March 15, 2018.

      • Rhodora Villanueva Rhodora Villanueva

        Anung nilagay sa id mo? Sa categories.

        • Rhodora Villanueva Rhodora Villanueva

          I am also a lupus nephritis patient.

      • Rhea Mae Rey Rhea Mae Rey

        Hi. I have lupus too. Ano pong nilagay sa pwd id niyo? Yung akin po kasi psychosocial pero feeling ko di akma yun. Hope for a reply. Thanks.

  25. Lon Lon

    Good Day po, may i ask if my wife is considered as PWD.
    My wife have undergone Pneumonectomy last 2012, she looks healthy when you look at her physically, she usually easily get exhausted in always catch up for her breath.

    We already went to DSWD to apply her for PWD but they refused cause my wife is not physically disable.

    Any information that may shed light to our query is highly appreciated.

    And thank you in advance.

  26. good pm po…. ang mister ko po 35 years old palang po siya na mataas na ang sugar niya sa mga laboratory niya po hangan ngayn po naggagamot parin siya po, qualified po pa siya PWD ID? para po kahit maka discount po sa mga gamot niya……
    Ako po naman ay my thyroid at kaka surgery ko lang din po sa suso ko po twing 6 month kailangan ko magpatingin at magpa ultrasound, qualified po din ba ako PWD ID? salamat po

  27. Mark Anthony Tan Mark Anthony Tan

    Good day,
    I am 32 years old
    And i have a cleft palate, yung lip ko po is na close na but yung palate ko is still open.
    Qualify po ba ako mag avail ng PWD?
    Thank you po.

  28. Jeff Hexton C. Otero Jeff Hexton C. Otero

    I am a stroke survivor with congestive heart failure secondary to diabetes. Can I get the pwd ID? thanks

  29. jeffrey jeffrey

    i have a brother who has learning disabilities. i would like to apply him a valid id and one of this is the pwd id. how can apply for it? he has difficulties when he process any documents. at the same time to avail his benefits. kindly help him please.

    • Pwede po kyo pumunta sa brgy hall or city hall na nay dswd office. Pag learning disability po (like my son) they would need doctor’s certificate or assessment kung anu ung disablity

  30. Jayson mark Jayson mark

    Hi po ask ko lng if yung may Systemic Lupus is qualifies to appy for pwd ID?

    • Jade Jade kakilala ako na ganun ang sakit nkakuha sya ng id

  31. Rhea Joy Dumogho Rhea Joy Dumogho

    i have psoriasis. am i considered a pwd?

    • Lynne Lynne

      Just to inquire po kung ang psoriasis ay covered
      or considered as PWD since chronic ito and d curable? May concern citizen lang po na nagpapatanong na ayaw magpabangit. Thank and God Bless.

      • rob rob

        yes.. i have psoriasis too.. psychosocial disability ang type of disability ng may psoriasis..

  32. jhes jhes

    hi! ang pasyente ba na dumaan sa total abdominal hysterectomy operation ay pwedeng makakuha ng PWD ID? thanks!

  33. sherry mae enriquez sherry mae enriquez

    good pm.. ask ko lang po .. yung left leg ko nagweaken at nagloss ng muscles compared sa right leg ko…kaya medyo hindi na pantay ang lakad ko na parang ika ika.. pwede po ba ako mag appy for PWD ID.. thank you po.. sana po maanswer ang query po.

  34. Gilda BObis Gilda BObis

    Hi po ako po ay naoperahan ng tbso pwd po ba ako?

  35. Hello good evening
    I have a rheumatic heart (mitral valve stenosis)disease
    Iam a candidate for heart failure
    can i be qualified as PWD?

    In the on line application/registration
    in that part what kind of disability
    theres no choice such as heart ailment
    what should i put in there?
    If granting that Iam qualified as PWD

    • Chie Chie

      Yes Cecil I have rheumatic heart disease
      Mitral valve replacement for waiting for operation
      Nag try ako nag apply ng PWD ID dito sa city hall
      Sa Amin nagpasa Lang ako ng clinical abstract and
      Baranggay indigency nun nabasa Nila
      Agad Nila ako binigyan ng PWD ID
      tsaka sobrang bait nun nag assist sa akin
      pinaliwanag pa akin yun about PWD

  36. Efraim Apduhan Efraim Apduhan

    I have vission problem thats why i use eyeglasses to help me see clearly can i consider my self as pwd? Makaka avail ba ako ng PWD I. D?

    • Bansai Bansai

      Submit med cert na 800 na grado mata mo. Ask ur brgy rep for pwd id. Ako nakakuha. Insulin dependent na ako

      • Jon Jon

        only those with 800 grado pataas po ba ang qualified to apply PWD ID?

  37. Yani Yani

    Hello po, may I ask if an autism spectrum diagnosis is considered as PWD? Thank you.

    • Yes po. You just need doctor’s certification or assessment that the person has autism

  38. Sheila Sheila

    I have eye impairment — 550/650 ang grado ng mata ko. Halos walang makita without glasses. Am I qualified for PWD ID?

  39. nenette macaraeg nenette macaraeg

    my son is an epileptic since 2011. may i know if he can apply for a pwd id.

    mrs. macaraeg

    • Milady Milady



    I have a geeral anxiety disorder, am I qualified to get PWD ID?

    • Anne Anne


  41. David martin David martin

    I am a us citizen, living here for the last 2 years I have a ARC card and I have a filipino wife and 2 anak, can I qualify for a PWD card

    • Ed Ed

      I was about to ask the same question, except I’m here some longer since 2001, permanent VISA since 2005, and 5 kids with my Pinoy wife. I had no pre-existing medical issues, and developed my now chronic medical disability only 4 years ago – “community induced” according to the doctor’s hospital report. Are we eligible? I see it’s not under the same law as Seniors. I wish to abide by the law so need to know whether this is ok for us.

  42. Renz Renz

    Can a person with Osteochondroma avail a PWD card?

  43. Frulyn Frulyn

    Ask kong lang sana kong pwed ba makakuha ang Foreigners ng PWD i.d?

  44. Regina M. Nepomuceno Regina M. Nepomuceno

    My son was diagnosed to have profound mixed hearing loss on his left ear since childhood, he is now 21yrs old. Is he qualified as pwd?

  45. Esmy Esmy

    hi good morning
    i would like to inquire, if what level/grade can avail a PWD id, for eye problem?
    thank you

  46. Mercidita F. Sanchez Mercidita F. Sanchez

    hELLO PO. Tanong ko lang po, natanggalan po ako ng apdo at nagkaroon po ako ng problema sa pagdumi. Kaya kailangan ko po ng access sa mga CR na allotted sa PWD at seniors. Pero wala po akong card. Can i avail po ba ng card.

  47. Rommel Torres Rommel Torres

    does a person who uses eyeglasses for reading considered as a pwd , is he eligible to for a pwd discount?

  48. Amanda Aznar Amanda Aznar

    PWD application form in Quezon City does not include Chronic Illness. I am not sure if this is the same with other cities?

    • Milady Milady

      I guess so. Yan inapply ko for my spine problem. But classified as orthopedic disability

  49. jhun abac jhun abac

    is mastectomy considered as a pwd

  50. Does having psoriasis quaified in psychosocial kind of disability?

  51. Benzar Samson Benzar Samson

    Hello po. Yung nanay ko po kasi. Hindi na nagagamit ang kanang kamay at braso dahil sa gun shot incident. Considered po ba yun as disabled. Thanks.

  52. Milpa Christie Banico Milpa Christie Banico

    Hi, mukha akong healthy .. Meron po akong heart enlargement at yung sakit ko is pulmonary hypertension.. Madaling mahilo sa init at super hingalin.. Qualified po ba ako kumuHa ng PWD ID? ano2 po mga req. Sa pag apply

    • Alexander Yu Alexander Yu

      Hingi kayo recommendation sa doctor, then dalhin sa baranggay. Then dalhin nyo sa munisipyo o city hall PWD section.

    • jenny mae llarenas jenny mae llarenas

      sa akin kasi cardiac dysryhtmia, left ventricle hypertrophy at ischemic pero nde daw considered as pwd sa s qc

  53. Russell Russell

    I had total left breast mastectomy and has undergone radiation therapy a month after, am I qualified for a pwd id?

  54. Ghenor Peter Arias Ghenor Peter Arias

    Good Evening. Considered as PWD ba ang taong my sakit n cancer at diabetes?
    ang father ko po kasi nadiagnose with cancer (stage 4) tpos diabetes kung saan nag-iinsulin na sila. Iisa na din po ang kidney nla inalis 10yrs ago. As per DSWD as lingayen,pangasinan hindi po considered as PWD ang taong walang deperensya physically. Tama po ba ito? please guided me po. Needed lng po makakuha ng ID pra makadiscount ng gamot ng father ko. Salamat po sa sasagot.God bless.

    • Alexander Yu Alexander Yu

      Hingi kayo recommendation sa doctor nyo, dalhin nyo sa baranggay. Then diretso po kayo sa munisipyo o city hall. Meron pong PWD section Doon.

    • sonni sonni

      pwd po ang may cancer at diabetes is considered as chronic illness.

  55. emcy ignacio emcy ignacio

    Hi gudpm ask lang po ako ng Question kung pwede po ako makakuha ng PWd i.d total thyrodectonomy po aq at may lifetime maintenance.. makaka avail po kaya aq ng PWD id? plss nid answer po..tnx

    • nakapag-apply na po ba kayo? same po tayo and I will be applying next week. advise po if nakakuha kayo ng card

    • Steph Steph

      I’m a thyroid cancer patient, na total thyroidectomy ako and series of radioactive iodine. Unfortunately, thyroid disease isn’t included in PWD listing. However, I have tons of complications secondarily to my autoimmune disease (inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) which qualities me to have a PWD card. Anyway, to make things short you have to provide a medical certificate that indicates that you have complications after the total thyroidectomy.


    Hello good noon po sa lahat! ask ko lang po kung pwede ba akong makakuha ng PWD ID. I am suffering from PANIC ATTACK DISORDER/ANXIETY DISORDER po which is mahirap pong kumilos lalong lalo na sa sakayan ng bus kung may mga pila like kukuha ng ticket ng bus, ferry, counters in mall or any crowded places? Hoping na ma iconsider po nila ito dahil kasama po ito sa mental disorder.

    Maraming Salamat po!

    • Alexander Yu Alexander Yu

      Hingi po kayo recommendation sa doctor nyo, dalhin nyo sa baranggay nyo for approval. Then dalhin sa PWD office sa cityhall.


        Salamat po!

  57. Ann Ann

    qualified po ba ang na total hysterectomy or tabso?

  58. Faith Faith

    May mitral valve prolapse with mild mitral regurgitation po ako, pwede po ba ako kumuha ng PWD ID?

    • Chie Chie

      Yes Faith I have rheumatic heart disease
      Mitral valve replacement for waiting for operation
      Nag try ako nag apply ng PWD ID dito sa city hall
      Sa Amin nagpasa Lang ako ng clinical abstract and
      Baranggay indigency nun nabasa Nila
      Agad Nila ako binigyan ng PWD ID
      tsaka sobrang bait nun nag assist sa akin
      pinaliwanag pa akin yun about PWD

      • Imelda Gimenez Imelda Gimenez

        What type of disability po ang RHD

  59. Jane Aguilar Jane Aguilar


    Would like to ask if a person who undergone complete hysterectomy considered pwd and can apply for a pwd id?

    Response would be highy anticipated. Thank you.


  60. Uno Alfredo Uno Alfredo

    Hi! Is a polio victom considered a PWD?

  61. Uno Alfredo Uno Alfredo

    Hi! Is a polio victim considered a PWD?

  62. josephine josephine

    Hi good day sister ko po na stroke
    may CKD qualify po ba siya sa PWD ID? ano po requirements kung sakali

  63. Ron Ron

    Hi good day, for someone with chronic Immune thrombocytopenic purpura, pwede po ba magapply ng pwd id?

  64. Deng Deng

    Can I apply for pwd?
    I have
    1. Vertigo ( may d daw normal sa tenga ko which is weird for my age.. baka daw na mana ko)
    2. Possible n may Hypoglycemic (low bloodsugar) (d ko kayang tumayo ng matagal, hinihimatay ako)
    3. Malabo mata (more or less 300 grade)

    • Kris San Juan Kris San Juan

      My son is 11yrs old and diagnose na may Ménière’s disease that causes his vertigo. Pwede ba sya mag apply ng PWD ID?

    • Ryan vergel Ryan vergel

      Yes, for vertigo, (migraine induced vertigo) pwede po ba kming ma qualify as pwd?

  65. Yolanda Q. Rivera Yolanda Q. Rivera

    Gud pm po naaksidente po ako s motor. Ngyn po my bakal, n nilagyan ng plate at 4 n turnilyo ang binti ko.. Qualified po b ako s pwd?

  66. Mari Mari

    is someone with clinical depression considered a PWD?

    • PJ PJ

      Were you able to get an answer for this elsewhere? I have been diagnosed with clinical depression for three months now. I don’t know how long it should be. But I think obtaining a PWD ID will help with the medications, as they are quite expensive.

  67. Danika ebojo Danika ebojo

    Ang anak ko po may congenital ptosis consider po ba xa as pwd? Makakakuha po xa ng pwd id?

    • Remelyn Sabordo Remelyn Sabordo

      My husband underwent Mitral Valve Replacement , and according to the admission officer in Phil. Heart Center , he can already apply for one.
      Is he qualified for PWD id?

  68. Nin Samonte Nin Samonte

    Goodmorning po, ask ko lang po, meron po akong psoriasis pasok po ba sya sa PWD? Salamat po

    • rob rob

      yes… psoriasis is part of psychosocial disability

  69. jes jes

    good morning po ask ko lang po if consider po ba sa PWD ang may scoliosis ? Thank you and god bless.

  70. Is scoliosis qualified for physical disability?

  71. adminrp adminrp

    Many of these questions have been answered by email.

    • diob gatchz diob gatchz

      cleft palate po b is considered qualify for disability?

    • Jeng Jeng

      Ung uncontrolled highblood pressure po considered n b un na pwd?!

      • anoka toussaint anoka toussaint

        im 42 and mataas lagi bp ko kasi may fatty liver ako and also i lost one of my kidney sa vehicular accident way back 2005, and now need ko na naman mag pa.opera for myoma, puede ba ako kumuha ng PWD id?

        • Arpee Arpee

          For lacking one kidney you should be able to get a pwd id. best to proceed to the PDAO of your city hall to apply for your pwd id

    • Rei Rei

      I’ve been looking for the question re endometriosis… I can’t find it from the comment section? I have endo, am I qualified to apply for pwd?

    • Ross Roldan Ross Roldan

      Hi, good day! I had an accident last June, had titanium implant in my body. One on my left wrist and two on my left leg. Can’t walk until now, i applied for a pwd id but was C denied , they said i have to wait for six months to apply/avail Makatarungan ba ito? How long should you be disabled to avail of the id? .Your reply is highly appreciated.thank you and God bless.

    • Maru Joshua M. Mosqu Maru Joshua M. Mosqu

      Good day ang anak ko po 5yrs old may ptosis sya at maybgrado na din mata nya mkaka avail po ba sya ng pwd id?

  72. Yigo Yigo

    Hello! Born with cleft lip and cleft palate po ba pwede maqualify sa PWD? Salamat

    • StephC StephC


  73. Maria Maria

    Hi, i have severe atopic dermatitis that affects my whole body. I am also allergic to most food and change in weather. I am qualified for PWD?

  74. I undergone kidney transplant, am i qualified to get pwd id? My brother is my donor, is he qualified also? Thank you.

    • liza calceta liza calceta

      I think pwede rin siya to have a PWD ID, gamitin mo sa letter mo ang RA9422 there’s additional incentives given to caregivers of PWD most especially if she or he is your donor, up to the 4rth consaguity or affinity

      • Fredd Fredd

        Blessed day Ms. Liza. Gusto ko lang po itanong if pwede pa ako mag-apply for PWD ID kahit na 10 years na po akong kidney transplant and brother ko din po ung donor. Hindi ko po kasi alam na puede pala. Meron po akong Medical Abstract pero luma na na naitabi ko. Pwede pa kaya un? Salamat po ng marami and God bless!

  75. Mary ann radigos Mary ann radigos

    I have cleft palate. I am qualified to get PWD ID ?

    • Kamsari g. Manabilang Kamsari g. Manabilang

      Tanong ko lng po, pwde ko ba i aply sa PDW kamay ko po, my metal na po sya sa loob, sa radius po nakakabit?

  76. Mary ann Sangalang Mary ann Sangalang

    Good afternoon tanung ko lang po kung ang DYSLEXIA person ay qualified na makakuha ng PWD ID. thank you and God bless

  77. Kai Kai

    Hi. For chronic illness, does it have to manifest to a disability first before you can apply for an id? Tried getting 1 today but was advised that only those with disability due to a chronic illness will be given id cards. Is this correct?

    • Jeff Jeff

      This was the same reply that I got from the PWD office in our place.

  78. Mary Anne Solano Mary Anne Solano

    I have cleft palate and cleft lip ? I am qualified to get PWD ID po ?

  79. francis francis

    I tried getting a PWD id today, but was denied. I have cancer but do not manifest any disability. They said that cancer should manifest me signs of Psychosocial, hearing, visual, mental, orthopedic, learning, and mental disability before they can grant me one. My question is why list cancer as chronic diseases as one of the eligibility to get an id but will still require me to manifest signs and symptoms before they can grant me one.

    • Christelle Christelle

      Based on the law cancer patients and survivors are considered PWDs and they have the same rights and privileges as PWDs. You could look it up at RA 11215 Art. 7 Sec 23-26. I have non-hodgkin lymphoma and I was able to get a PWD ID, they classified it in psychosocial disability.

  80. Rachelle Garcia Rachelle Garcia

    May mitosis po ako am I qualified as PWD?

  81. Rachelle Garcia Rachelle Garcia

    May lordosis po ako am I qualified as PWD?

    • liza calceta liza calceta

      I think pwede ka sa physical impairment

  82. Reign Castillo Reign Castillo

    I tried to apply for PWD ID in mandaluyong city hall but was denied by the assessor. I was informed that having uncontrolled diabetes and hypertension are not qualified illness unless i developed a chronic kidney disease or had stroke. How true is this?

    • liza calceta liza calceta

      I think pwede dahil the real definition to qualify as PWD is that those that have long term physical, mental, intellectual or sensorial impairment which in interaction with various barriers may hinder those people with 3 aspects :impairment, disability and handicapped as PWD their full participation in society on an equal basis with others that have 60% normalcy. Meaning those that are said to have 40 or greater percentage of impairment, disability or handicapped in relation to ADLS are given PWD cards. Others are regarded psychosocial or mental disorders in which some are impairments only and considered temporary disabilities.

  83. Lean Mariz Lean Mariz

    I am a congenital heart disease VSD patient and partially undergone open-heart surgery. Am I qualify for PWD ID?

  84. Christian Christian

    will g6pd positive infant qualified for pwd?

  85. Patrick Patrick

    I got seizure disorder, simple partial, tonic-clonic and also complex focal seizure… An I qualified for PWD ID? my medicines were so expensive…

  86. Cesca Cesca

    Is Maple Syrup Urine Disease considered?

  87. Leizle Pangngay Leizle Pangngay

    Having a slipped disc, qualified for pdw po ba?

  88. Jb felipe Jb felipe

    I have a big birthmark on my whole arms up to my chest isn’t applicable to apply for pwd id?

  89. Jet ramos Jet ramos


    Twice na po ako na stroke. 2015 latest. No obvious signs physically? Am i qualified to get pwd id? Thank you.

  90. Irma M. Arceo Irma M. Arceo

    May type1diabetes po anak ko, 6yrs n sia insulin dependent, nagpunta po ako munisipyo dto, PWD Office, sabi po inalis ndaw po sa item ang chronic illness. D po kami binigyan PWD I.D. bakit po ganon? Very costly po maintenance type1 diabetes.

    • Irma M. Arceo Irma M. Arceo

      Kahit po may limitations sa normal activity? Need to inject insulin bago kumain at limitado sports activity dahil bk mag hypo? d po ba considered impairment ung d nag p function pancreas nila?

  91. Ric Ric

    Can my son apply for a pwd card if his vision is 450 astigmatism?also,if you had your spleen removed considered din ba as disabled? Tia

  92. mafe mafe

    i have a Complete Left Bundle branch block with hypertension. can i avail the pwd id card?

  93. Jhopay Jhopay

    ang private doctor/government doctor entitled din ba sa PWD ?

  94. Aya borja Aya borja

    Kapag may hyper thyroid po ba ay considered pwd?

  95. Jacky Ballesteros Jacky Ballesteros

    Good day, I have open type glaucoma both eyes and type 2diabetis and essential hypertension,Can I apply for pwd card?

  96. Sandra Santos Sandra Santos

    Is a person with thyroid problem such as hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism considered a disability? The eye muscle has been affected due to the thyroid problem (graves eye disease). Is this considered also as a disability? Thanks.

  97. April Reyes April Reyes

    yung tourette syndrome po ba pasok sa pwd. .. under po sya ng anong case chronic illness po dba lifetime na po kasi

  98. anonymous anonymous

    Amputation of right toe included in disability ?

  99. Kay Gamboa Kay Gamboa

    Hi. My father had a quadruple by-pass last year. Is he qualified to get a PWD card?

  100. John Paul S. Cruz John Paul S. Cruz

    I had my left eye surgery (Vitrectomy) 4 times because of Retinal Detachment and my left eye vision cannot see despite the attempts to fix it. Am i qualified for a PWD card?

  101. Maria Rosario R Arce Maria Rosario R Arce

    Maari po ba ako makakuha ng PWD card na operahan po ako Placenta Previa Totalis – CS-Hysterectomy. Salamat po

  102. Maria Rosario R Arce Maria Rosario R Arce

    Bago po ako na operahan totalis hysterectomy na operahan din po ako Salpingooophorectomy, left Appendectomy; Adhesiolysis.

  103. Conrado Padilla Conrado Padilla

    I had total thyroidectomy last month due to suspected malignant tumor. Thank God, the mass turned out to be benign. Currently, I am taking thyroid hormone and calcium supplement daily. Am I qualified for a PWD ID? Thanks

  104. Cheska Morato Cheska Morato

    I have severe chronic asthmatic bronchitis. Am I qualified to apply for PWD?

  105. Marjorie Cruz Marjorie Cruz

    i have scoliosis and degenerative spine diseses and almost one year na po akong nagte-therapy beacause of severe pain in back and legs.hirap po akong maglakad at umakyat sa hagdanan. Hindi ko po kaya ang tumayo ng matagal. at kapag inaatake po ako ng pain tumataas ang bp ko at hirap ako also a rheumatic heart survicor. qualified po ba ako to get PWD ID?

  106. rona rona

    Good Day!

    Is people with Epilepsy and Hysterectomy are considered PWD?
    Thank you.

  107. Vincent Vincent

    diagnosed po ako nang genetic rare disease, primarily manifesting in muscle weakness, sali po ba yun?

  108. abby abby

    ung left eye ko 1750 ang grade then ang right ko ay 500 consider nb ako na pwd?as in wala nako makikita pag wala salamin

  109. Sheila Sheila

    Cancer po ba pwede mag avail ng PWD ID?

    • Christelle Christelle

      Yes. It’s on the law RA 11215 Art. 7 Sec 23-26, “Cancer patients and survivors are considered PWDs and they have the same rights and privileges as PWDs”. I have Non-hodgkin lymphoma and I was able to get a PWD ID.

  110. Glenda Coria Glenda Coria

    Maam what type of disability for Parkinsons Disease.
    M eron po akong PWD id pero need ko pa po i renew kc they gave me 3yrs only, pero accdg po s dr it is a total permnnt disability popls need advice expired n po kc pwd need ko po i renew at saan po type od disability classified ang PD

  111. jem jem

    Nov last year naaksidente kme due to butane explosion, nagtamo kme ng 2nd degree burn. until now after 6 months may mga keloids at scars pa rin sa kamay, braso at binti. at hindi makagawa ng normal at usual na gawain, lagi rin nkatago ang affected part dahil masakit, namumula pa at nakakatakot tingnan. Qualified po bang makakuha ng pwd id.

  112. Neil Neil

    Good day po. Colorblind po ako and there is no cure for this. Am I qualified for pwd id?

  113. Corman beluso Corman beluso

    Just to clarify lang po, as per a personnel working in the PWD application section of Quezon City, chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, are no longer valid for PWD application. Is this true?

    • Miriam Miriam

      Mayroon akong Chronic illness, type 2 diabetes, my vision is 500/550 pero di pa rin malinaw . sabi ng doctor ko sa mata. mayroon daw spot na dugo sa likd ng mata ko due to diabetis.kaya hirap talaga akong makakita, malabo pa rin kahit na may eye glasses (retinopathy ) po ata ito .hindi na kayang palinawin ang tingin ko. sobra pang dami ng gamot ko sa diabetes. pwede po ba akong makakuha ng PWD ID.

  114. Eoviena Eoviena

    HI, may daughter was diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma when she was just 6 months old and at 11 months she underwent hepatectomy (removal of right lobe liver). I just want to clarify why on her PWD-IDC Type of Disablity is Learning Disability?

  115. Marjory Nolasco Marjory Nolasco

    Good day..kindly ask ko lang po if pwede ma consider and mild lumbat spondylosis to.exaggerated
    Lumbar lordosis na makakuha ng Pwd Id due to hindi pwede ang prolong walking at prolong standing and lifting heavy objects that cause severe back pain..thank you po and God bless po..

  116. Mengzz Mengzz

    I have diabetes type 1. I’m an insulin dependent and had cataract surgery on both eyes. Am I qualified for a PWD ID?

    • Steph Steph

      Yes, diabetic retinopathy is qualified. But diabetes alone is not.

  117. Steph Steph

    To those who were asking about the diabetes type 1 or 2. It’s not qualified. I have this friend who have type 1 diabetes and she was rejected numerous times despite showing multiple clinical abstracts. It’s not considered as chronic illness daw. I hope I enlighten you all.

    • David David


      I guess the rationale is that with type 1 you were born with it and that you lived your entire life with it. To say that the illness changed the quality of your life for the worse would be untrue.

      Not only that type 1 (and 2) people have been in the work force, living normal lives. It’s the complications of diabetes that changes it for the worse.

  118. Gemma Gemma

    Tanong q lang po if ung may psoriasis pwd maka avail ng pwd Id ….mahal po kac ung ointment nya….thanks

  119. Warren Woo Warren Woo

    Does Asthma qualify for PWD?

    • Ed Ed

      I don’t know but wouldn’t mind guidance. One might think so when it’s chronic to the extent that ongoing acute asthma attacks preclude even walking normally and I often can’t walk at all now without blacking out, gasping for lack of breath when I push trying to walk too much on a bad day.

  120. Jan Bulatao Jan Bulatao

    does periodic paralysis qualify for PWD?

  121. Charm Charm

    Does a person with diabetes type 2 without complications qualify for pwd benefits?

    • David David

      From what i heard from when i applied…no.

  122. Taz Taz


    My aunt has complete hysterectomy. Can she avail of a PWD Card?

  123. Victoria Victoria

    Pwede po ba mag apply ng pwd id ang may eczema? Mahirap kondisyon ng may eczema magastos din sa gamutan at dapat regular check up sa derma maya’t maya nangangati,nagsusugat at apektado ang pagtulog

  124. Kristine Kristine

    May TIA po ako or mini stroke na naging cause ng pamamaga ng left and right brain ko. May gamot akong tinitake until now kahit di na namamaga ung brain ko. ayaw pa pa stop ng neuro ko kasi high risk daw na maulit at mag seizure ako. Pwede din po ba akong makakuha ng PWD?

  125. B B

    Hi, I have PCOS, my eye grade is at 350/375 with 100 astigmatism, and I also have scintillating scotoma. Are these considered?

  126. Coln Coln

    Psoriasis patients qualified din ba sa PWD ID ?

  127. Koko Koko

    Recently diagnose with type 2 diabestes am i qualified for pwd id? Medyo mahal kase gamot….

    • David David

      Diabetic is a double edged sword, meaning diabetic itself is not debilitating, but the complications of it causes the chronic illnesses that makes you qualify for a pwd id.

      So… Your abstract should include your loss of feelings in your feet, muscle mass loss due to degeneration in your arms and body, degenerative vision loss.

      Anything that could lead you to lose your employment because you can no longer function would be ideal in getting that id

  128. JC JC

    is person with tourette syndrome considered as PWD?

  129. Lily Dee Lily Dee

    I have recently been diagnosed with depression, do I qualify for the PWD card? The medicines are a bit expensive.

    • Guest Guest

      Yes. For application of PWD ID, just provide a written diagnosis/medical certificate from your psychologist or psychiatrist.

  130. sheila marquez sheila marquez

    nagka mild stroke po ako pero naka recover na, pero still may mga maintenance na iniinom,pwede pa rin po ba ako maka kuha ng PWD ID? thanks po

  131. Hello po ask ko lang po kung ang severe asthma po ba ay considered pwd po ba? grabe po dami ng maintenance ko at madalas ako maadmit may steroid din po akong maintenance. At pati injectible na solu cortef lagi akong meron sa bag pang emergency ko po. Thanks po.

    • liza calceta liza calceta

      alam ko pwede ang severe asthma under siya sa chronic conditions meaning persistent and long lasting

  132. pearl daquio pearl daquio

    qualified po ba ang SLE (active) with pleural effusion? pano po maka apply ng pwd id? pa help po. thanks

    • Guest Guest

      Yes, SLE or Lupus is qualified for application of PWD ID. For application of PWD ID, just provide a written diagnosis/ medical certificate from your doctor.

  133. Des Des

    Is having sensory impairment (sense of smell: anosmia/hyposmia/parosmia) part of PWD?
    This had been after a vehicular accident 13 years ago and the loss was not apparent that time. But throughout the years it has been causing problems like distress (self-doubt, anxiety), and diminished enjoyment on normal things (aroma of food, scents), and enduring phantom bad smells.

  134. Good day!
    just a query lang po, if a person got a motor accident and have a clinical management like ankle fusion, does this person qualify to be a PWD? If yes, what are the necessary documents to be presented at the PDAO?
    I got to ask this query because, I used to apply for this PWD ID but I’m hesitant ‘coz I didn’t know what are the justly grounds for it. I got a motor accident way back last year 2016, and I got a clinical management through operation (ankle fusion) on my left foot.
    Hope you can help me about this matter. Thank you!

    • David David

      Is the condition permanent?

      • Rose Rose

        Hello po. Pwede bang mkaapply ng PWD ID ang may rheumatic heart disease?

  135. hazel hazel

    hi! may rheumatoid arthritis ako, can I get a PWD card?

    • David David

      Im I’m no expert but from what i gather if your condition is DEBILITATING enough to affect your work or your quality of life then you qualify. Usually your doctor will tell you if you qualify

  136. Rodel Rodel

    Good day,
    Wala na pong marinig ang kanang tenga ko, pero ung kaliwa ok naman po. Pwede po b ako mag apply for pwd? Sabi ni Doc kasi wala nang lunas ang kanang tenga ko.

    Thanks. God bless.

  137. Junn Junn

    Can my wife who had mastectomy for cancer stage 1 qualified to apply for PWD?

  138. Ronald Valenzuela Ronald Valenzuela

    Pwede po ba ako mag avail ng pwd id kung may seizure disorder po ako? Ano pong kailangan? Thank you

  139. Ivan Ivan

    Mayroon akong deviated nasal septum. Nakakahinga lang ako sa isang butas ng ilong ko. Puwede ba ako mag apply for PWD?

    • Maria Dona Bella Toral Maria Dona Bella Toral

      tinanggal na po ang ovaries and fallopian tube po (endo po) then after 4 years nadetect naman po sa breast ko na may cysts kaya pareho din pong tinanggal na…qualified po ba ako para sa PWD benefits and ID po…

  140. andry garrido andry garrido

    heart failure po ba pasok sa pwd?

  141. David David

    If i got epilepsy would i qua…jdeykfghd.56uhhvv….fsgjidhb567i…=$&_=:; hdt74rfhj^#.$%&* …hfstyhb

  142. Molly Mendoza Molly Mendoza

    I have sever asthma, and is into maintenance. I had thyroid cancer but was operated already and undergone radiation and currently operated on cataract but still with poor vision. Am I entitled to a PWD ID?

  143. Molly Mendoza Molly Mendoza

    I have severe asthma, and is into maintenance. I had thyroid cancer but was operated already and undergone radiation and currently operated on cataract but still with poor vision. Am I entitled to a PWD ID?

    • Jessica Crista Vicente Jessica Crista Vicente

      pwede ba asthma?

  144. La La

    Hi, yong naoperahan po for total thyroidectomy pwede po ba maka avail ng pwd id? Nami maintenance po ako ng gamot. Sayang din ang discount.

  145. SMP SMP

    Ask lang po if may meningitis ang patient is he qualified to avail PWD ID?

    thanks po!

  146. Agnes Agnes

    may cervical radiculopathy po ako. Qualififed po ba ako sa PWD ID?

    Thanks po

  147. Hi Mam,

    Ask ko lang po kasi yung anak may eye grade of 180/180 with astigmatism both eyes 350 since preschool nya. Pasok po ba siya sa PWD.

    Thank you.

  148. Edwin Bisco Edwin Bisco

    I have allophisia arriata can I get Pwd ID?

  149. Chel Villafuerte Chel Villafuerte

    I have epilepsy and was diagnosed last 2001. I was recently informed that I can avail a PWD card, but my MRI records are still from year 2001 or so. It’s very expensive to have another test, can I still show my old records to define my disability?

    • Erick Erick

      You just need a med cert from your neuro that you have it kahit wala ng MRI – Med cert lang prinesent ko ha. Sa QC to

  150. Jay Rodriguez Jay Rodriguez

    Hi. I have Endometriosis, am I qualified as PWD?

  151. Faith Ramos Faith Ramos

    Qualified po ang may generalized anxiety disorder for PWD Card?

  152. Irene B. Bataller Irene B. Bataller

    Hi son diagnosed positive by G6PD DEFICIENCY,does he considered as PWD?

  153. Eva B. Rolda Eva B. Rolda

    Hi ! I am a govt. employee and I have PAOD (Peripheral Arterial Occlusive Disease). Am i qualified as PWD? Tnx.

    • Chen Sy Chen Sy

      How about rheumatiod arthritist po, can it be qualified to have PWD ID? Thanks.

  154. Sarah Cayabyab Sarah Cayabyab

    Is clinical depression considered a pwd?thanks.

    • Guest Guest

      Yes. For application of PWD ID, just provide a written diagnosis/medical certificate from your psychologist or psychiatrist.

      • Peej Peej

        Hi. I wonder if you know how long must you have the condition (clinical depression) before being qualified for a PWD ID?

  155. Erick Erick

    My Mom Experienced Mild Stroke and medyo hirap na sya tumayo tayo and also na operahan sya last december may tinanggal na bukol sa Tyan nya. Can she apply for a pwd ID?

  156. Joey A Joey A

    Hello po, i have diplopia po (double vision) and it is almost a year until now.. pwede ba ako maka kuha nang PWD ID? Thank you po.

  157. Kathleen Kathleen

    I have Systemic lupus erythematosus. Am I qualified to get PWD ID? It would help a lot with the meds considering I had to quit my job because of my flare. Thank you!

    • Guest Guest

      Yes, SLE or Lupus is qualified for application of PWD ID. For application of PWD ID, just provide a written diagnosis/medical certicate from your doctor.

  158. Jessica Crista Vicente Jessica Crista Vicente

    Hi ask ko naman po kung yung may asthma pwedeng mag apply as PWD? it is considered as chronic disease right? I have a lot of maintenance and it affects my daily living as well.

  159. Ange CS Ange CS

    My children were born with poor eyesight. One of them has a grade of 450-350. How do I get him a PWD ID?

  160. Eva Karen Detras Eva Karen Detras

    Stutter po ako.. 33 na po ako pero nauutal pa din ako magsalita, kaya laging pinagtatawanan.. Sobrang nakaka depressed.. Pwede po ba ko kumuha ng pwd id..

  161. Rowena malihan Rowena malihan

    Ask ko lang po naoperahan ako total abdominal hysterectomy at di na bumalik dati kong lakas lalo akong naging highblood I may look normal per physically hindi na am I qualified for pwd benefits

  162. Jannle Ceria V Sebastian Jannle Ceria V Sebastian

    Hi considered po ba na PWD kpag ang left eye ko is mataas n grado left eye ko po 675 then yung right eye 375 kpag wla po suot na eye glasses wla na makita kpag everytime na nagpapalit ng slamin lage tumataas grade ng eye and di na rin nag reresponse ung left eye sa tulong lng ni right kaya nkakita pa

  163. Pwede na po bang kumuha ang 17 years old na ka2lad ko?? may problem po kasi ung left eye ko which is blind na . Thank u pp

    • Guest Guest

      Yes, persons below 18 years old or minors are qualified for PWD ID. Partial Blindness falls under the category of Visual Impairment for PWD. For application of PWD ID, just provide a written diagnosis/medical certificate from your opthalmologist.

  164. Anabelle Sagun Anabelle Sagun

    I have congenital heart disease, am i qualified to get PWD ID?

  165. Yen Yen

    qualified for pwd po ba and vertigo and chronic migraine?

  166. Zag Zag

    Can I apply for PWD or Partial PWD? I had craniotomy last 2013 because I had a tumor at the back of my right eye. Yung cranial nerve ng right eye ko tinamaan and resulting to partially blind na. Malaki yung field of blindness. (More than half) Meron din ako visual exam regarding the visual range of the eye.

    • Trevor Imber Trevor Imber

      That is considered a disability already.

  167. My 55 yo hubby has diabetes for 20 years now and is regularly injecting himself with insulin. I tried to get him a PWD card at QC hall but was rejected. Isnt diabetes considered a chronic illness? The PWD staff was brutally frank and said my hubby will be given a PWD card once he goes blind or his legs or arms get amputated.

  168. grace potenciano grace potenciano

    underwent tahbso, am i qualified for PWD ID?

    your reply is highly appreciated. thank you!

  169. Ariel vasquez Ariel vasquez

    Hi.. magandang hapon sa lahat.. magtatanong lang po ako.. pwde po bang makakuha ako ng pwd id..ako ay may sakit na CKD chronic kidney dease..3times po ang nag dialysis..taga Q,C po ako.. naka 3times na po ako ng try para makakuha kaso sinsabi po nila wala na po sa list ung sakit ko para mabigyan ng pwd sakit k po ba makakakuha pa po ba ako ng pwd id..please reply po or patxt po ako sa nmber ko.. 09396438533..salamat po

  170. Juvelyn Daguil Juvelyn Daguil

    I had both of my ovaries and Fallopian tubes surgically removed in 2015. At present, I, have an ileostomy. Pwede kaya ako ma consider as PWD?

  171. Ivy Mae Laya Ivy Mae Laya

    My baby had a “Microtia” (right side only), pwd ba siyang ma consider as PWD? Thank You.

    • Ron Ron

      I have Cervical Spondylosis. My right arm cannot carry heavy objects, I have poor grips and I can’t raise my arm for long, I can’t even wash my clothes by hand. I have headaches often. Am I qualified?

  172. Glorioso Villafranca Glorioso Villafranca

    I am a colon cancer patient, currently with colostomy bag. Am i qualified to secure pwd ID and entitled toPwd privileges?

    • Trevor Imber Trevor Imber

      i think you are qualified.

      • Anthony Anthony

        Sir consider po n qualified sa pwd same case po sa Mrs KO..ano pong tawag sa ganyang disability or anong type of disability …thank you

  173. yam yam

    my daughter diagnosed type 1diabetes mellitus since shes 3yrs old. were 7years now fighting for it! were insulin dependent! now shes 10years old. is T1D is not covered as pwd? they look normal but inside their not! everyday of t1D lives its not normal also, like pwd’s! is it really not considered as pwd?

  174. yam yam

    my daughter diagnosed type 1diabetes mellitus since shes 3yrs old. were 7years now fighting for it! were insulin dependent! now shes 10years old. is T1D is not covered as pwd? they look normal but inside their not! everyday of t1D lives its not normal also, like pwd’s! is it really not considered as pwd?

  175. Mary anne dionisio Mary anne dionisio

    Naoperahan na ako ng tabso 7 yrs ago…i have t2 diabetes w complications of the heart and kidneys…sobra mahal and dame ng gamot ko po…am i qualified?

  176. Unknown Unknown

    Appendectomy po qualified po ba?

  177. Jin ba Jin ba

    Kung kukuha po ba ng pwd id marerecord po ba sa ibang papers na may disabilities kau. Like nbi clearance, police clearance or sa passport.

    • Kc Kc


  178. Maricar Maricar

    Hi. Is cleft lip with cleft palette considered as PWD?

  179. Cecille Umali Cecille Umali

    Pwede po b ako mag apply ng PWD ID if my left eye is 750 and may right eye is 650. Ano need na requirements?

    • Timothy Timothy

      I think so kasi sabi sa article wala naman standard eye requirements pag ganun

  180. Dannah Vergabera Dannah Vergabera

    Hi Ask ko lang po kung yung right ear lang yung may hearing loss, qualified po ba sya as pwd? Thanks.

  181. Timothy Timothy

    Meron po akong Night Blindness and Diabetes Militus 2 ano po ba ang pwede ko gawin para magkaroon ng PWD kc Night Blindeness is incurable at d rin ito nadedetect need ko pa ba ng medical abstract

  182. Paola Paola

    Kapag nalagyan po ba ng bakal yung paa because of fractured bones, qualified po ba yun to get a PWD card?

    • perz perz

      If a person have wrebbed fingers, and left eye(cross eyed), can he/she apply for PWD?

      Thank you!

    • mildred mildred

      same po. nakakuha po ba kayo?

      • mildred mildred

        bi-malleolar fracture, i have metal plates and screws in my right ankle bone

  183. Carl Carl

    Ask ko lang po sana, my pwd id na po father ko, na stroke po kasi, chronic illness ang nakalagay sa id nya, hindi naman binigyan ng discount ng merciry kasi hindi daw nakaspecify.

  184. Maha Ricza Creus Maha Ricza Creus

    I have eye grades of 7.50 and 7.25. In-born nearsightedness with astigmatism. Am I qualified for PWD ID? Thanks.

  185. gwyndall gwyndall

    hello qualified ba if your gallbladder was removed? thanks

  186. rachel rachel

    Matagal na ko diabetic and was hoping would be able to get a pwd id. Pero sabi po sa munisipyo hindi lang daw chronic illness ngunit kailangan may disability na dala ng chronic illness. Tama po ba yon?

  187. Harris Harris

    Hi I just want to ask if I’m qualified for a pwd. I have Major depressive disorder with anxiety distress. Thank you!

    • Guest Guest

      Yes, for application of PWD, just provide a written diagnosis/ medical certificate from your psychologist or psychiatrist.

  188. Jerome Jerome

    Yung kapatid ko may Rheumatic Heart Disease qualify po ba sya mkakuha ng pwd id?

  189. Elizabeth Opeña Elizabeth Opeña

    Hi! Qualified po ba kapag may nummular eczema? If yes po yung abstract and medical cert same lang po ba? Thanks.

  190. chloie chloie

    hi! ask ko lng po kung kasali na yung -10 na grado ng mata mabigyan ng pwd id dahil may astigmatism din.

  191. Trevor Imber Trevor Imber

    i have bilateral nephrocalcinosis and hypokalemia from time to time. i already have to take meds throughout my life. am i qualified for this?

  192. Cessfds Cessfds

    I have Mild Thoracic levoscoliosis. Am I qualified to have PWD ID? Thanks.

  193. Hannah Hannah

    Hi! My father is an epileptic. With the new act that we have is epilepsy considered as a disability still??

  194. Dee Dee

    My son was diagnosed with seizure disorder. He was prescribed anti ecliptic drugs. Is he eligible to get a PWD ID?

  195. Concepcion Concepcion

    Pag natanggalan po ba ng appendix..pwede kumuha ng PWD ID?

  196. Marlon D. Marlon D.

    hello po OFW 8years napo ako gumagamit ng hearing aid.. ayaw naman ako bigyan ng treatment ng Dr. dito sa K.SA. kaya hearing lagi sinsuggest palagi.. at sabi wla na daw gamot sa pandinig ko.. nkakarinipg pa nmn ako kahit paano pag wala ako hearing aid.. dko din sinusuot ko tuwing naka baskayon or nasa bahay lang ako.. malibang nalng if ppunta ako ng bank or office… pwede ba ako makakuha ng PWDID?

  197. Marlon D. Marlon D.

    hello po, OFW ako and 8years napo ako gumagamit ng hearing aid.. ayaw naman ako bigyan ng treatment ng Dr. dito sa K.SA. kaya hearing lagi sinsuggest ng doctor.. at sabi wla na daw gamot sa pandinig ko.. nkakarinipg pa nmn ako kahit paano kahit wla akong suot na hearing aid pero binasabasa ko madalas yung labi /lips ng kausap ko.. dko din sinusuot ang hearing aid ko pag naka baskayon or nasa bahay lang ako.. malibang nalng if ppunta ako ng bank or office… pwede ba ako makakuha ng PWDID

    • Guest Guest

      Yes, Hearing loss is considered for application of PWD ID. Just provide a written diagnosis/medical certificate from your doctor.

  198. Darwin sandoval Darwin sandoval

    I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. And this year they put a pacemaker to my heart. Qualified ba ako to have a pwd id.?

  199. Mary Mary

    I have thoracic spondylosis and it’s not letting me stand nor walk for too long. Would that be considered?

    Also would fibromyalgia be considered as a disability?

  200. mark Engel mark Engel

    i have scoliosis… can i have pwd?

  201. asdfg asdfg

    I tried emailing
    It says, ”
    The address “info@” in the “To” field was not recognised. Please make sure that all addresses are properly formed.”
    I have a few personal questions and clarifications po kasi. Thanks po

  202. Mavic Mavic

    Goood pm. Just want to ask if a person with cleft lip is a disabled person? If they are qualified for a pwd id? Thank you. God bless


    • Guest Guest

      Yes, Glaucoma is considered for application of PWD ID. Just provide a written diagnosis/medical certificate from your doctor.

  204. April Aranzanso April Aranzanso

    Hi. Goodafternoon. Malabo na po ang mata ko; right eye ay nasa 300 ang grado at ang left eye naman po ay umaabot na ng 500 ang grado. May lazy eye rin po ang left eye ko according sa pinagcheckan ko, at may astigmatism and near sighted po. Qualified po ba ‘to para makakuha ako ng PWD ID? Salamat po sa sagot.

  205. Mel Mel

    I had stroke, but no visible disability such as impediment in speech or paralysis. Am I qualified to avail PWD benefits?Thanks in advance for your reply.

  206. Paquito Untalan Paquito Untalan

    I have undergone angioplasty (5 stents), i have also arrythmia and lately i have a pace maker implant last year, do i qualify as pwd?

  207. Lyn Atun Lyn Atun

    Good day, is URA Unilateral Renal Agenesis (one kidney since birth) considered to be PWD?
    Thank you and God bless!

    • Poy Poy

      i need some replies re: Renal Agenesis also.

  208. Met P. Fracisco Met P. Fracisco

    Gud day. I have type 2 diabetes, enlarged heart, hypertension. Need reading and prescription glasses to see and read. Do i qualify for a pwd id?

  209. Carmela Abrenica Carmela Abrenica

    Good day po…meron po akong bone spurs sa both sides ng heel bones ko sa mismong pang-apak ng paa at bone spurs din po sa cervical bones ko. Heel bone spurs ko po ang dahilan bakit hirap ako maglakad o tumayo ng medyo matagal. Kaya po hindi ako nakakatagal sa mga pila. Pwede po kaya ako mag-apply as PWD?

  210. Che Che

    5 yrs old im wearing my eyeglaSs and one of my eye is considered lazy eye can i get pwd id

  211. Chie Caluag Chie Caluag

    May seizure disorder po ang mommy ko (cavernoma), pwede po ba siya magrant ng PWD ID?

  212. Kristine Kristine

    Hi po,
    Ask ko lang po kung pwede kumuha ng pwd id ung may adult onset seizure though isang beses pa lang akong inaatake pero nag tatake ako ng medicine until now para ma prevent ulit ung seizures kasi nag cause na sya ng pamamaga ng brain ko nung first attack. May medical abstract po ako at medical certificate from the hospital kung san ako na admit.

    Thanks po

    • arpee lazaro arpee lazaro

      punta po kayo sa PDAO ng inyong munisipyo. Sila po ang titingin ng abstract at magi issue ng pwd id

  213. Diane Elizabeth B. Caguioa Diane Elizabeth B. Caguioa

    My son has Severe Hemophilia A. Can he avail the PWD ID?

  214. Jocelyn M. Hontiveros Jocelyn M. Hontiveros

    Goiter po ba ay sakop ng PWD id? Paano po

  215. Isha Isha

    Hello po, Qualified po ba magkaroon ng PWD ID ang may congenital heart disease such as Ventricular septal defect pero na surgery na?

  216. ricardo barican ricardo barican

    Im a Chronic Heart Bypass patient and im applying for PWD ID. Upon reading yhe above ariticle, my condition will fall under Chronic Disability.

    However, the application form provided by Paranaque City Hall, Chronic Disability is not part of the choices. Am i qualified?

  217. Angel Angel

    I have SLE (Lupus) which is also a Chronic autoimmune disease. Am I qualified?

    • Guest Guest

      Yes, SLE Nephritis (Lupus) is considered as PWD. For PWD ID application, just provide a written diagnosis/medical letter from your doctor.


    I’m diagnosed with diabetes before my right breast was operated. I have breast cancer and undergoing chemotherapy—am I qualified?

  219. Trina Trina

    Do people with anxiety disorders qualify?


    I have a brother who is visually impaired. His visual acuity is 750. Can he apply for PWID? Thank you.

  221. Rie Anne Rie Anne

    Yung mga nag undergo ng De quervaim syndrome surgery po ba qualified?

  222. Kimred Kimred

    paano naman po pag may thyroid cyst nodule? makakakuha po kaya ng pwd id esp pag need po sa requirement sa scholarship?

  223. jean jean

    may vertigo at mild scoliosis ako pede po ba ako makahuha ng pwd card?

  224. Ralph Ralph

    Hello, which type of disability should the dialysis patient with CKD fall under? Can we apply under Psychosocial disability? Our city does not honor chronic illness as disability.

  225. Maria Teresa Mallari Maria Teresa Mallari

    I have a fractured ankle on my right foot and finished my medication and therapy in national orthopedic hospital. After my therapy lhirap pa rin ako lumakad at pa ika ika pwede b akong mag avail ng PWD ID

  226. Maria Susana Dionisio Maria Susana Dionisio

    I just want to ask if qualified po b ang husband q n makakuha ng pwd id 55 yrs old po cya may heart failure po cya.

  227. Pame Pame

    Mga kabataang positive in G6PD po kaya?

  228. Rusty Rusty

    Clinical depression or high functioning anxienty? Di pde?

  229. Alieza marcelino Alieza marcelino

    Ask ko lang po kung yung pasok sa criteria ng pwd yung may Chronic kidney disease 5 .. Ng a-undergo po ng dialysis kapatid ko at ang sabi ng doctor ay lifetime dialysis or kidney transplant labg ang option niya . Salamat po .

  230. Jo Solis Jo Solis

    Im a scoliotic person.. am i considered as a pwd?

  231. Jj Jj

    Pwede po ba ang colorblindness?

  232. Merly Merly

    I have a brainstem glioma po, and still on medication can i avail of PWD ID , my left eye vision was affected because of the said tumor. Please reply.

  233. Rein Rein

    My mother has a colon cancer, can she get PWD id?

  234. Juanie Sasi Juanie Sasi

    I under go ANDIOPLASTY PROCEDURE and GALLSTONE OPERATION. Am I eligible to apply for PWD ID???

  235. rosa vilma olivar rosa vilma olivar

    Nag undergo po ako ng tabhso pede po ba ako mag apply ng pwd id?

  236. Cyjo Cyjo

    Hello po dito po sa amin di “daw” po kasama ang cancer sa mabibigyan ng PWD ID di po ba sakop po ito ng chronic illness, kase yung binigay sa akin na application is binura yung DISABILITY DUE TO CHRONIC ILLNESS…
    At meron naman akong dalang medical abstract but need daw ng medical certificate

    • Christelle Christelle

      It’s on the law RA 11215 Art. 7 Sec 23-26, “Cancer patients and survivors are considered PWDs and they have the same rights and privileges as PWDs”. I have Non-hodgkin lymphoma and I was able to get a PWD ID but they classified it as psychosocial disability.

  237. Gladys Alvarado Gladys Alvarado

    Hi! ask lang po, meron akong migraine with aura,,visual disturbance. during attacks halos wala nakong makita kaya pinagbawalan na po ako magwork ng Doktor. Pasok poba ako sa pwd?

  238. Dalisay Quinanola Dalisay Quinanola

    Hi Admin, I have osteoarthritis on both knee. Would it be possible for me to claim PWD? Hoping for your response. –

  239. Con Isip Con Isip

    Is mild sensorineural hearing loss, both ears considered pwd?

  240. Mary Jonnah Mary Jonnah

    Hi, i have amblyopia on my right eye and left eye’s grade is 100. Qualified po ba ako?

  241. Jenn Jenn

    Lahat po ba ng may grado na 500 pataaa considered PWD?? Thanks

  242. lack of three fingers in my right hand. considered PWD?thanks

  243. kel kel

    hi ask lng po if gout patients are qualified for pwd . mana ko po nag occur yung gout ko ng 23 pa lng ako kapag umataki di ko minsan makalakad allergic din ako sa arcoxia kaya hirap sa gamot. and if qualified ano po need ko ipresent

    • Magdalena Dizon Magdalena Dizon

      Hello po..more than 10 years na pong kidney transplant ang anak ko and at present po nahihirapan na kami para sa kanyang maintenance.
      Hindi din po siya makapagwork kc lagi pong masama ang pakiramdam nya at nanghihina.
      Maaari po bang matulungan siya ng DSWD at para po makasecure o mabigyan ng PWD id para po kahit po paano ay mabawasan ng konti ang halaga ng mga gamot na iniinom nya.
      Marami pong salamat at umaasa po ako na matulungan kami.

  244. jacky jacky

    hello po,

    last 2015 i was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, after three months po ng pabalik balik na maconfine sa hospital, my doctor recommended na mag undergo po ako ng Radioactive Iodine Theraphy, three months after the procedure, bumaliktad po siya, naging hypothyroidism. and since then po, i’m taking medications na po and sabi ng doctor, maintenance ko na siya lifetime dahil replacement yung gamot dahil wala na ko thyroid hormones. qualified po ba yun sa PWD ID?

  245. J. Agmata J. Agmata

    I have an HSP (Henoch-Schonlein Purpura), an autoimmune disease quite similar to SLE (Systematic Lupus Erythematosus), which involves having rheumatism/arthritis even at a young age. My doctor said that I’m qualified for a PWD ID. Which category does my disability fall into? Chronic or Otrthopedic?

  246. Rojan Rojan

    Hello po. I have Idiopathic hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. Do I qualify for Pwd ID? Thanks.



  248. Lourdes Tacujan Lourdes Tacujan

    Yong sa hysterectomy po..partial disability ….applicable Lang po ba sa Sss?how about GSIS?

  249. Josaphat Josaphat

    Hi, i read an fb post that a person with 300+ can apply for pwd id. Is this true? I have 400 and 425 eye grade. Can i apply for pwd id? Without eyeglasses i cannot read nor move without worry.

  250. Naresa Lanuza Naresa Lanuza

    Hi! How about squint eye? Qualified po ba un to get a PWD id? Thank you in advance!

  251. Jay Jay

    Pwede kapag may Asthma?

  252. gerald dimaandal gerald dimaandal

    inatake po ako sa puso nun 2016 at ngayun pobay may maintenance na akong mga gamot. qualify po ba un as pwd?

  253. Mico jusayan Mico jusayan

    Yung hindi na po magalaw yung left thumb ko po? Bali balikong mga daliri. Pwede po ba makakuha yun?

  254. Nitz Nitz

    Hi. My son’s eyes have a grade is
    Left – 550
    Right – 600
    Is he qualified to apply for pwd id? He’s only grade 8 student. Thank you.

  255. Steve Steve

    Can Foreigners living Permanently in the Philippines with s real disability get s PWD ?
    Thank you

  256. Buds medina Buds medina

    May heart failure po ako 3 out of 4 valves ng puso sira n, with 17% efficiency ratio ung last valve, qualified po b ako?

  257. LYN LYN

    i undergone TAHBSO and have a stigmatism with +150/+175,do i qualify for PWD ID

  258. Jam Jam

    Hello po. I’m 16 years old and umabot na po sa 600 yung grade ng eyes ko. Qualified po ba ako for pwd id?

  259. renee evaristo renee evaristo

    open heart surgery po ako aortic valve replacement (avr) qualified po ba ako? asap tnx

  260. Ram Amador Ram Amador

    My sons eye grades are 425 on 1 eye and 375 on the other. Hes 9 years old is he qualified to apply as a PWD?

  261. emmanuel emmanuel

    meron ako speech impairment qualify ba ako for pwd id? kasi base sa nabasa ko from rappler pwede daw why not mention dito po?

  262. Christian Christian

    How about having a grade of 250 both eyes, is it qualified for PWD?

  263. Ruel Ruel

    Hi po. Mag tanong lang po sana masagot. Pag congenital po pa qualified mag apply ng pwd card. Deformed po kasi right hand ko. Maliliit mga daliri.

  264. Jojo Jojo

    Sobrang pogi po ako at hindi ko na magawa mga normal na dapat nagagawa ng isang tao. Dahil hinahabol ako ng mga babae, at napipicturan. Worse pa po sa mga celebs. And it really bothers me, lalo na pag naalala ko yung pwede pa ako lumabas ng bahay mag isa. Ngayon po kasi hindi na, dahil gusto po ako dukutin ng mga malalaking kumpanya para gawing model, and i dont want that.

  265. Sphynx Sphynx

    Are those with G6PD {Glucose6 Phosphate Deficiency) considered as PWD? Marami silang di pedeng kainin kaya iba rin food nila. May mga lugar sila na di dapat puntahan lalu na kung may menthol na amoy sa barberia. Saka yung mga medicines at antibiotics nila if magkasakit ay iba sa mga regular na nirereseta ng doktor.

  266. Juliene Amane Juliene Amane

    Hi. I’d like to ask if Chronic Glomerulonephritis is qualified for PWD application? My specialist clearly mentioned that it is not curable, but rather manageable with lifetime medication and kung mamalasin with complications, pwedeng maapektohan ang heart, etc. I’ve had this condition since I was a kid, as early as 3 years old.

    P.S. we are having problems kasi in our city because of the community-based doctor na naka assign sa city health namin, parang lahat nang may non-visible disabilities ayaw na niyang bigyan or irenew.

  267. Geanne Taverna Geanne Taverna

    I had an open heart surgery when I was 19 for Atrial Septal Defect. And now I have pulmonary hypertension and venous insufficiency. Does it qualify me to get a PWD ID?

  268. Rej Rej

    Hi, Kidney donor po ako. Am I qualified to have a PWD ID. Thank you 🙂

  269. Ryan Ryan

    hi i have humerus fracture left arm but did not undergo surgery as a result di na naangat o na eextend ang kaliwang kamay pero ang mga fingers nagagalaw pa can i qualify for PWD IDnahihirapan ako mag public transpo umiksi ang kaliwang kamay ko di rin makahawak ng mabibigat nakadikit na lang ang forearm ko sa waist I mean I cannot extend my arms further

  270. Joyce Joyce

    Pwede po bang makaavail ng pwd ID ang isang foreigner na nakapag asawa mg Pilipino? Thanks

  271. Hi mayroon po akong compensatory pulmonary emphysema since 17 yrs old ako..qualified po ba akong mgka pwd id nhihirapan na din po akong mag trabaho?..ano ano po ba ang mga binipisyo na pwede ko mahingi na tulong sa ating gobyerno? Pls po sana matulungan nyo ako

  272. alvin enriquez alvin enriquez

    Who qualifies for orthopedic disability? Do people with scoliosis qualify for pwd? Thanks.

  273. jay cabigon jay cabigon

    Recently lang po ako na lagyan nang screw sa left medial malleolus kasi na fracture. Consider po ba na PWD yung condition ko? salamat po.

  274. I have congenital heart disease(asd) pero na correct na po cia last 2017.pero meron na po cia complication.,naka severe na po ung pulmonary hypertensio and it requires me to take sildenafil twice a day.and lifetime n daw po un.qualified po ba un maka avail ng pwd id? Tia.

  275. Gerlie grace araojo Gerlie grace araojo

    Itatanong kolang po ang Skin Asthma po ba dahilan ng Environtment covered po ba ng PWD kasi po ung anak ko.. Pag pinag pawisan oh change ng environtment namamantal oh kahit makamot lang nya namamantal sya at nagsusugat ang balat. Hirap kasi kami para sa gamot at medical nya.
    At nag kakaroon lagi sya ng parang luga sa tenga kahit wala syang sipon. Unang sasakit ang tenga nya then parang may tutubo ng kala mo pimpols tapos magkakatubig napo sya.. Minsan mabaho mas madalas walang amoy, pwede po ba ilapit sa pwd po un o macover

  276. Belen Belen

    Hello, ang uterus ko ay natanggal dahil sa myoma. Qualified po ba ako sa PWD ID.

  277. Gerardo Gerardo

    Is suffering from myasthenia gravis considered a disability?

  278. Mikee Mikee

    Hi. Can a lupus nephritis patient can get a pwd id?

  279. marc medrano marc medrano

    pwede po ba ikuha anak ko pwd card. 4yrs old na siya delay po ang pag sasalita nya kokotin lang alam nya sabihin

  280. Leslie Leslie

    Hello! Wondering if I can apply for a PWD card? I was just had surgery (with metal implants, screws and plate) on my ankle due to dislocation and 3 fractures in the following bones: 1) fibula, 2) medial malleolus (ankle bone) 3) the flat part of the tibia where it connects to the talus. Thanks

    • mildred mildred

      same po. i have bi-malleolar fracture and has metal plate and screws on my bone. nakakuha po b kayo ng pdw id?

  281. Anna Mendoza Anna Mendoza

    I have an asthma, cervical & lumbar spondylosis can I apply for a PWD ID?

  282. Larry del Mundo Larry del Mundo

    pwede po bang mag apply ng PWD ID kahit sang municipality or sa Regional office lang?

  283. Charmaine Djune L. Mantoya Charmaine Djune L. Mantoya

    Does a person without uterus (removed) qualifies as a PWD?

  284. Ariaz Eam Ariaz Eam

    Hi I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, am I considered as PWD?

  285. Katrina Jocson Katrina Jocson

    My 16yo son has Acute Leukemia, does he qualify for PWD?

  286. Generose Gaa Generose Gaa

    Bkit dito po sa tarlac city di dw po qualified 450 eye grade, 800+ above dw po ang qualified, .

  287. anon anon

    Hi. gusto ko pong mag apply ng pwd card kaso i am worried sa confidentiality baka kasi malaman ng lgu or ng mho namin na may sakit ako. any alternatives po ba?

  288. Zy Zy

    Hi Pwede din po ba ang ang may Breast Cancer mag apply ng PWD

    • Christelle Christelle

      Yes. It’s on the law RA 11215 Art. 7 Sec 23-26, “Cancer patients and survivors are considered PWDs and they have the same rights and privileges as PWDs”.

  289. Dianadu Dianadu

    Last year po naoperahan po ako tabhiso at Inalis na din Yung right kidney ko, pwede ba ako mag apply ng PWD ID? Thanks

  290. Carla Carla


    My daughter was diagnosed of ptsd and got a medical abstract a few years ago. Qualified kaya sya makakuha ng pwd ID? Under medication padin kasi.

  291. Good day!!! Just ask my anak po akong facial left clip kasama or pwede ko ba siyang kunan nang pwd I’d thank you for answering my question


    I undergone ANGIOPLASTY last May 2014.and taking maintenance medicine since then. Am I qualified fore PWD ID?

  293. Bernadette Bernadette

    Ang pagkakaroon ba ng PCOS (Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome) ay considered as PWD?

  294. Cielo Galoso Cielo Galoso

    I’ve undergone I considered as PWD?

  295. joy ferran joy ferran

    i have a open reduction internal fixation of tibia five years agon now po kase mejo struggle na ang paglalakad ng malayo and standing for a long time.. am i entitled to claim pwd id

  296. vernaliza umali vernaliza umali

    valid id po ba ang PWD ID I meean pwede din gamitin for remittance international and local?

  297. sheila cate sheila cate

    i had a milf stroke and nk recover aq mula dun and ask for pwd id. ang sb s akin hndi daw aq bbgyan kz nk recover daw q. pano po un still on maintenance of high blood. san po b dapat lumapit?

  298. Vira Salado Vira Salado

    Kasama po ba sa PWD ang mild dextroscoliosis?

  299. janice gay santos janice gay santos

    hi hi blood po ako makakaavail po ba ako ng PWD ID par sa discount sa mga gamot ko ska yung hubby ko mataas grado ng mata nya 800 high mayophia tas sa sobrang stress lhat ng sugat nya na matagal ng magaling ay nagactivate kya ngayon may mga gamot syang iniinum makakaavail din ba sya ng PWD ID kc mahal mga gamot nya thanks

  300. Hi. I have meniere’s disease. I suddenly get vertigo attacks out of nowhere which leads me to fainting. Would this be considered disability?

  301. April April

    I have arrythmia because of mitral valve prolapse. And i take maintenance meds for it. Am i qualified as pwd?

  302. Jean guerrero Jean guerrero

    Ung anak ko po is my rhd pdi ko po b x eapply nang pwd id…tnx

  303. Emz Emz

    hello! may I ask if I can apply for PWD ID.
    I have been hypertensive and taking maintenance med TELMISARTAN since I was 31, now I’m 40, and since 2016 I’ve diabetic and also taking maintenance meds since then..
    Thank you!

  304. Kris Kris

    Hi qualified po ba kapag malabo ang mata? Eye sight?

  305. Ronan Espinueva Ronan Espinueva

    Hi, I’m trying to apply for a PWD card because of diabetes type II. I don’t know under what classification it falls, as there is no tickbox for chronic illness in the form. A friend of mine told me she had to tick orthopedic due to obesity. I do not want to lie on a government form however, so what’s the best classification I can tick? Thanks!

  306. Peng Touch Peng Touch

    I undergone total thyroidectomy and my calcium gland was removed too. As a result, I have weak bones. I also undergone total hysterectomy. Am I qualified for a PWD ID?

  307. Joanne Joanne

    May scoliosis po ako 34degrees and undergo na po ako ng spine surgery, L5S1 spondylolesthesis surgery, qualify na po ba ako mgka PWD ID?

  308. Querty Querty

    Im diagnose that I has MVP or mitral valve prolapse. Am I belong to PWD’s?

  309. Marvs Marvs

    How about Optic Neuritis, Qualified ba to get PWD id and SSS benefits?

  310. Che Senjata Che Senjata

    tinanggal yung isang kidney ko 10 years ago so lagi ako nagkakaroon ng kidney problems. qualified ba yun for pwd?

  311. anje anje

    if under po ba ng PCOS pwede din sa PWD ID po since may maintenance po ito

  312. Generosa Almero Generosa Almero

    Hi good afternoon. Tanong ko lang po kung puwedeng kumuha yung pamangkin ko ng PWD ID. Nakatira siya sa akin ditto sa Marikina City. Ipinanganak siya na pingot, ipinatahi ko kaya lang malaki na siya noon, kaya 46 years old na siya ngayon pero ngongo pa rin siya. Hindi pa rin maintindihan ang sinasabi. Ang ginagawa niya para magkaintindihan kami, isinusulat niya. Di ba consider siyang Person with Disability? Wala kasi doon sa listahan ng mga PWD na puwedeng kumuha ng ID. Salamat po.

  313. shery may arieta shery may arieta

    Nag pa – open heart surgery po ako PAPVR makaka avail ba ako pwd id?



  315. Faye bernadette mendez Faye bernadette mendez

    My husband’s visual acuity is 500 po & he has rheumatic heart disease, hypertension, gall stones & a prr diabetic. Can he apply po?
    I have diabetes for 10years & on insulin. Im also hypertensive & asthmatic & hypertensive. Can i apply for pwd id?

  316. Pwede ba mag apply ng PWD ID pag my scoliosis?

  317. Marlon Marlon

    Hi! Im suffering from kyphosis (pagka-kuba) considered po ba na disability ito?

  318. Jeszalyn Parazo Jeszalyn Parazo

    Hi! My son is 6 yrs. old, his eye grade is 325 (left) and 275 (right) is he qualified for pwd ID?

  319. Robbie Garcia Robbie Garcia

    Hi! I have hypertension since 2010. Do I qualify for PWD ID? Thank you

  320. hi po, brother ko po ay may end stage chronic kidney disease pero nadisapprove po pwd application niya sa local health center namin. hindi ba talaga ma credit sa pwd? eh chronic illness po siya. hope for your response.

  321. Beverlyn Ubando Beverlyn Ubando

    Ask ko lng po if pwd ao maakuha ng PWD ID. LAst time kc naglalagay ako ng brace sa likod ko Nakita ng office ate ko, ang sabi nya bakit nga daw hindi ako mag apply ng PWD ID so nagkaroon po ako ng idea. Lalo na nahihirapan po ao sa byahe Lalo na sa mahabang pila sa mga bus terminal.

    meron po kasi akong
    – L4L5 na SLIP DISC na ung saan konting mali lng sa kilos ay di na ako mkgalaw sa sait ng likod ,

    – SCOLIOSIS (dahil nagkamali ung therapist noon habang nag undergo ako ng traction.

    – HYPOKALEMIA ito ang madalas na umaatake sa akin,


    Thank you!

  322. Chris MB Chris MB

    May I ask if I qualify for a pwd id. I have a cervical spondylosis myopathy since 2017 and have chronic pain with my lumbar. Pabalik balik sa physical therapy. Due to this condition, I’m no longer allowed prolonged standing and walking. Weakness in both arms and feet I experience often. Even not allowed to carry heavy objects. Does this qualify me for a PWD id.

  323. Lhynne Lhynne

    I had undergone pleural effusion procedure last May 26, 2016, and until now hirap pa din ako huminga.. shortness of breathing lalo na kung naghahabol ako ng bus kasi everyday po ako pumapasok sa trabaho from Cavite to Makati..and kadalasan po nakatayo pa ako sa bus kahit nahihilo ako kasi may Benign Paroxysmal Vertigo din ako. Am I qualified to get a PWD ID card? thank you

  324. Chris Chris

    Disability po ba Ang color blind and my grade na Ang Mata?

  325. Grace Grace

    Hello po! Sa kapabayaan ay hindi na-renew ang ID ng anak ko na unang na-qualify na may Mental Disability kung kaya’t kinakailangan magsumite ng Certification of Disability. Saan po maari magpa-certify na naman po kamahalan?

  326. Rowena T. Dingayan Rowena T. Dingayan

    Hello po, I have a stage 2 breast CA. Natanggalan n po ako ng right breast. Pwede po ba ako mag avail ng PWD i.d?

  327. Roland Marquez Roland Marquez

    I am a renal failure patient and I am already on dialysis for four years, can I considered myself as a fully disabled person required by most insurance company. thank you

    • I am a renal failure patient and I am already on dialysis for four years, can I considered myself as a fully disabled person required by most insurance company. thank you

  328. Ang asawa ko po na operahan sa ng disc c5 at c4
    Tapos meron din syang sakit na cardiomyopathy
    Pwde po ba sya kumuha ng pwd id

  329. Diana Marcelino Diana Marcelino

    Pwede po ba makakuha ng PWD ID kpag may CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) ka?

  330. Elirry Elirry

    Pwede po ba sa pwd card kapag may heart disease. Need na sya operahan at palitan ang heart?

  331. jasmine jasmine

    i have 14 degree scoliosis and lumbar stability..qualified po ba ako makakuha ng pwd id khit di visible ung disability ko?salamat

    • jasmine jasmine

      *lumbar instability

  332. Jervin C. Larce Jervin C. Larce

    Meron akong epilepsy at may mga check up and drug maintenance na iniinom(phenobarbital). Ako po ba considered na PWD or pwede ba ako malakuha ng PWD ID. Pasok po ba ang epilepsy sa mental illness? Salamat po

  333. Neil Neil

    Hi gusto ko po sana malaman kung qualified po ba makakuha ng pwd id ang taong naoperahan sa braso at nilagyan ng bakal …. Salamat po

  334. Eva Lovelyn Barot Eva Lovelyn Barot

    Hi. Iam suffering with adjustment disorder with depressed mood because of the discrimination and bullying by my teammates when I acknowledge I have troubled controlling my emotions that ai easily cry or intense anger if I am angry. This was considered a mental disabilities and I was enrolled for a counselling with a Psychologist by our HR but because of this I suffered discrimination that I am not normal because there is something on my brain. Now I am Suffering adjustment disorder with depressed mood. The depression started last March 2019. Please advised if I can get a Pwd ID while I am under medical treatment by the Psychiatrist? I am scared to go back to work so I also need protection.

  335. j j

    i was in a vehicular accident and had several titanium plates implanted in my face due to multiple fractures. can i get a pwd id? thanks

  336. Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler

    Pag na-dislocate po ang shoulder, considered pwd?

  337. Cfj Cfj

    Meron po ko Psoriasis owede po ba ko mag apply for PWD ID Thanks

  338. kat ador kat ador

    Hi is carpal tunnel included? Thank you in advance

  339. Liza Liza

    How about person with is osteoarthropathy he or she can be consider as PWD?

  340. Quennie Domingo Quennie Domingo

    Nagkafracture po yung right leg ko nung bata ako considered pa rin po ba Yun as PWD?

  341. Carla Carla

    Hi po. I met an accident last week lang po and Fractured my ankle. Considered po ba yun as PWD.

  342. Mary grace Mary grace

    Hello po I have Pectus excavatum or congenital chest deforming at nafoforce po ng deform ribs sa chest ko ang heart and lungs ko Kya nakakaranas po ako madalas ng back pain at chest pain at nahihirapan po akong huminga.. Pwede po ba Kaya ako mkakuha ng pwd card? Orthopedic nmn po Itong condition ko.. Salamat po sa sasagot

  343. Tey Tey

    Read RA11215 regarding cancer patients and cancer survivors’ entitlement to PWD

  344. Arnel Ladines Arnel Ladines

    I have scoliosis. Am I qualified to apply for PWD card?

  345. Jay Jay

    What type po ng disability nagfafall ang dialysis? Qualified po ba ang patient for PWD? Thanks

  346. Angel Angel

    Nawala young visual ng isang mata ko pwede ba ako magkaroon ng PWD card

  347. Dan Doroja Dan Doroja

    My gout is giving me severe pain which affects my mobility. Am I qualified for a PWD id? Thanks.

  348. mailo jurisprudencia mailo jurisprudencia

    I have type 2 diabetes but without complications, can i apply for PWD ID?

  349. Shena Mae Geresola Shena Mae Geresola

    Qualified po ba ang may Hypothyroidism and Gestational Diabetes???

  350. Lady Tsunade Lady Tsunade

    Pwede po bang kumuha ng PWD ID ang isang HV+ ?

  351. Lady Tsunade Lady Tsunade

    Pwede po ba kumuha ng PWD ang isang HIV+?

  352. Ponciano Ponciano

    Maigsi po isa k braso gawa ng aksidente nung grade 3 po ako at kamay ay hindi gano makahawak pwede po kaya ako kumuha ng pwd id

  353. Marites martin Marites martin

    Good morning,pa help po brother is in the hospital for the 3rd time,suffering from menengitis,hyponatremia and anemic. The AMPHOTERICIN B anti biotic cost 9,800 (2 vials each day) bukod p po s iba nyang mga gamot.can he be qualified as PWD since hndi n po sya makakabalik s work because of his condition.pls help me po, malaking tulong po sana ang makukuha nyang discount.?pls sana po may makapansin sa kin

  354. Eman Eman

    Hi, my mother has been diagnosed with endometrial adenocarcinoma, stage 1. The t umor has already been removed and she is now due for radiation therapy. We applied for her PWD ID at the city hall but she was rejected since as per the doctor, cancer is not considered a ground for PWD in the new policy. I also read somewhere that Diabetes can be considered since this would lead to a possibility of blindness if left untreated. Nevermind Diabetes but to say that Cancer isn’t a ground for disability is crazy. How do I get them to consider my mom’s application and which documents should i quote to argue with the municipal doctor? I am overseas so I can’t personally argue.

    • Christelle Christelle

      It’s on the law RA 11215 Art. 7 Sec 23-26, “Cancer patients and survivors are considered PWDs and they have the same rights and privileges as PWDs”. I have Non-hodgkin lymphoma, I was able to get a PWD ID but they classified it as psychosocial disability.

  355. Madel Madel

    Yung mother ko po, diagnosed sya as end-stage renal disease (kidney failure) diabetic din po sya. Considered as PWD po kaya sya? Pwede na po kaya namin sya i-dependent sa Philhealth namin? 57 yrs old po sya.

  356. Melissa Melissa

    when will be a cancer patient be granted as pwd? im suffering with stage 3 breast cancer and under treatment sometimes when commuting i had a hard time sitting on pwd chair provided asking other people to move but they keep insisting to see my id.

    • Christelle Christelle

      It’s in the law RA 11215 Art. 7 Sec 23-26, “Cancer patients and survivors are considered PWDs and they have the same rights and privileges as PWDs”. I have Non-hodgkin lymphoma, I was able to get a PWD ID but they classified it as psychosocial disability.

  357. Ma. Czarina Silva Ma. Czarina Silva

    Kasali po ba sa PWD ang mataas ang grado ng salamin? gawa po kasi ng anak ko 3yrs.old pa lang po sya.

  358. Zai Zai

    Yung baby ko na 1year old snapdragon kc may hydrocephalus cia, nilagyan cia ng vp shunt and life time na nakakabit yun sa knya.pwede ko ba iapply cia ng pwd card and ano requirements kapag 1year old palang

  359. Zai Zai

    Yung baby ko naoperahan cia kc may hydrocephalus and 1yr old palang cia.nilagyan cia ng vp shunt sa ulo and life time na yun.possible ba na ma apply ko cia ng pwd card.what po requirements kpag 1yr old.kc wla pa cia id



  361. Maria nicandro Maria nicandro

    Hi, ano po category ang hysterectomy? Salamat

  362. Lesley Lesley

    High grade of 500 both eyes, considered ba na pwede mag avail ng pwd id?

  363. Marlon Marlon

    Both Knee po ay na surgery due to ACL, pasok ba siya sa PWD?


    Is anxiety disorder considered as disability, already had a panic attacked wherein you thought you had a stroke but it wasn’t. I am scared that it may happen again as there were no signs as to when it will attack. It only shows some traces of having the anxiety disorder like having a Seborrheic dermatitis.

  365. John Rick Barrera John Rick Barrera

    Hello po, yung mother jo po recently na remove po yung isang breast niya because of breast cancer. Qualified na rin po ba siya for the pwd id?

  366. Grace Pauya Grace Pauya

    anak ko po ay pinanganak na putol ang esophagus na operahan po sya sa tyan gtube jan po dumadaan ang gatas nya wla syang oral feeding. pwd po ba sya mag avail ng pwd card since 1 year old plg.

  367. Qulified po ba ang anak ko na na-diagnosed ng Type1 Diabetic? Dependent na po kasi sya sa insulin therapy since Dec 2018. Kung qualified po, saan ko po pwede i-submit mga requirements?

  368. beverly vergara beverly vergara

    Meron po akong carpal tunnel sydrome, possinle b ako maka-avail ng disability id?

  369. Ian Ian

    Hi! Pwede po ba mag-avail ng pwd ID kapag may psoriasis of moderate severity kahit walang psoriatic arthritis?? Nagfe-flares po ako every month kaya sobrang hirap po for me as a student. Malaking tulong rin kasi sana kung makakadiscount ako sa mga gamot ko since 2k+ yung mga topical cream/gel na nirereseta saking ng derma ko. Thanks!

  370. Ma. Rosario Hidalgo Ma. Rosario Hidalgo

    Mula bata pa po ako may allergy na ako hanggang ngayon tumanda na po ako dalawang beses na po ako nag50/50 dahil sa allergy ko hanggang ngayon pagtanda ko andito pa rin allergy ko am i qualified for the PWD ID

  371. abby abby

    ang may vertigo po ba consider as pwd?

  372. Andrew Sirios Andrew Sirios

    yung taong nag undergo ng andioplasty (2 stent) considered ba n person with disability

  373. Queeny Queeny

    My sister po kasi has a seizure disorder(partial-complex seizure). She already has a pwd ID and nasa category po siya ng mental disability. Yun po ba talaga ang classification ng disability niya? Ala po ba ibang option? Kasi nakakaapekto din po sa paghanap niya ng work. Ang mga employer po ay nagkakaroon ng ibang notion once nakita nila na mental disability ang classification. Salamat po sa mga makakatulong magpaliwanag.

  374. Ricky Andes Ricky Andes

    bingi po ung isang tenga ko. as in di na ko makarinig. pero clear pa ung kaliwa ko. macoconsider po ba ko na PWD?

  375. Anita D. Palmes Anita D. Palmes

    My husband was diagnosed with acute coronary artery disease, can he ba qualified as PWD?

  376. Anita D. Palmes Anita D. Palmes

    My husband was diagnosed with acute coronary artery disease, can he be qualified as PWD?

  377. Anonymous Anonymous

    Pwede po unknown learning disorders like dyslexia at dyscalculia po? Thanks

  378. juliet juliet

    Hi po tanong ko lang po kung puwede akong makakuha ng id pwd meron po ako rumatic heart dieses pasyente po ako ng Philippines heart center pamsamantala binaloons puso ko.. Pero ooperahan din ako sa puso soon diko alam kung kailang kaya tanong ko lang kung puwede ako makaka kuha pwd id

  379. Romulo Gabriel Romulo Gabriel

    Why on earth is there a 3 year expiration date on the PWD ID? Hindi naman na mawawala yung disability namin tapos hassle na naman to reapply and get a new card. Baka naman pwedeng alisin ang expiration. Ang senior ID nga walang expiration, unless mamatay na yung tao. Kaming mga PWD, miracle ang kailangan para gumaling. So sana lang po, paki lang. Salamat.

    • bert castro bert castro

      hindi po kasi lahat ng disability permanente. meron po kasing mga disability na temporary lang. iisa lang po kasi ang format ng mga ID kaya every three years kailangan pong i-renew. yung sa senior naman po, hindi naman umaatras ang edad ng tao kaya pag dating ng 60 years old, hindi na po kailangan i-renew ang senior id.

  380. Allen Allen

    Torn ACL both knee qualified ba for PWD?

  381. jeff jeff

    is colpocephaly qualified as mental disability po? yung sa anak ko kasi ang binigay is for orthopedic disability dahil daw po hirap sya maglakad.

    Another thing, I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. is it qualified for PWD ID?

  382. Fely Tamayo Fely Tamayo

    I gave carpal tunnel syndrome for almos 5 years can avail a pwd card.

  383. Florida Gisala Florida Gisala

    Good day po!
    Sinabihan po ako ng HR ng pinapasukan ko na pwede daw po ako mag-apply ng PWD ID dahil naoperahan na ako at limitado na rin ang aking galaw. NAputol po kasi ang aking bituka. BUkod doon, ako rin po ang natanggalan ng appendix noong bata ako at gall bladder. May moderate mixed hearing loss rin po ako sa kanang tenga.
    Nang nagpunta po kasi ako sa MHO namin sinabihan ako para lang daw hysterectomy ang ginawa sa akin kaya hindi ko daw po ako qualified. HIndi po ba kasama sa psychosocial conidtion yung limitado na at di na ako makakilos ng normal dahil sa naging operasyon ko? Ang iba ko naman pong kasama ay nakakuhaas kanilang mga munisipyo pero dito sa amin ay hindi ako nabigyan.
    Sana po ay mabigyan niyo ako ng linaw. Salamat po,

  384. tunkel tunkel

    naoperahan po yung papa ko pleural effusion at lagi din pong inaatake ng gout, may mga araw na hindi po sya makalakad ng maayos sa sobrang maga ng paa at kamay nya. pwede na po ba syang mag apply ng PWD card? salamat po

  385. Kyle Kyle

    Magandang araw po sa inyo. Nais ko lang sana malaman kung pasado po ba ang mild scoliosis para makakuha ng PWD ID. Salamat

  386. Ray Abrea Ray Abrea

    Hndi pa din po ba kasama ung mga may chronic kidney disease na nag ddialysis sa eligible for PWD ID?

  387. Rems Rems

    Na total thyredectomy na po ako last oct 2016 and i am 50 years old female, single. Qualified poba ako as PWD?

  388. Guest Guest


    I am diagnosed with major depressive disorder.
    currently taking medication and therapy.

    am i qualified to get pwd?

  389. Mark Mark

    Meron po akong severe obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) disorder, pwede po ba akong maka request ng PWD id sa DSWD?

  390. EM EM

    ang spondylosis po ba ay ma coconsider sa application ng PWD ID?

  391. maria maria

    i have glaucoma on my right eye and its totally blind, consider po ba yun sa application ng PWD id?

  392. mark mark

    i was diagnosed with major depressive disorder with anxiety feature, am i entitled for a PWD ID?

    • Mylene Mylene

      Pwede po ba mabigyan o ma i apply ng pwd ang anak k na 450 grado nya sa kanan at kaliwa nya mata? Salamat po

  393. Catherine Madriguera Catherine Madriguera

    He had Rectal CA 1 year ago and now recovering with stoma? Is he qualified for PWD ID?

  394. Jen Andres Jen Andres

    Na total àbdominal Hesterictomy ako,qualifiednpo ba ako for PWD

  395. Charlene Ames Charlene Ames

    Hi just want to ask po. I have asthma and I also have type 2 hypertension. Am I eligible for a PWD ID?

  396. remuard diana remuard diana

    covered po ba ang may triggered Finger?? pede po ba makakuha ng PWD ID?

  397. Kat Kat

    Hi. yun po bang toxic thyroid condition would qualify for PWD ID?

  398. Shirley ina Shirley ina

    Ang anak ko.ay diagnose case na severe hemophilia A lifetime nafactor 8 dificiency, qualified basiya PWDid?madalas na oospital para sa infusion nf factor 8 at blood transfussion ng cryoprecipitate salamat po

  399. Trishia Camille L. Pilapil Trishia Camille L. Pilapil

    Magtatanong lan po kasi may scoliosis po ako at saka hindi na pantay ang shoulders ko at nakatagilid na ang baywang kapag di ko kayang tumayo ng matagal, pwede po b akong mag kuha ng pwd id?

  400. Ray Marlowe Reyes Ray Marlowe Reyes

    Na angioplasty po ako with 3 stents implants. Qualified po ba ko for PWD ID?

  401. I was operated TAH-BSO, 7 years ago, qualified b ako sa PWD ID

  402. aiza aiza

    yung kapatid ko po may ckd.nag aply po kami for pwd id pero ayaw po magbigay doctor nya ng recommendation para maavail ang pwd id..ask ko lng po if qualified po xa as pwd..?thanks

  403. aj aj

    pwede po pa makakuha ng pwd ang nabakalan sa kaliwang kamay?

  404. Jean G Jean G

    Hello…is a person with hernia eligible for a pwd ID?

  405. CJ CJ

    300 right eye and 325 left eye. Pwede po bang magavail ng PWD ID?

  406. Marilou Cauilan Marilou Cauilan

    I was operated tah-bso – major operation
    Removable left and rigth ovary
    One operation
    Qualified po ba ako sa pwd ?

  407. JD JD

    HI! Ask ko lang po kung pwede mag-apply for PWD ID pag may Crohn’s Disease. Thanks

  408. Joey T Joey T

    Hello po good eve po ask lang po pwede ko po ba i apply ang sakit ko sa PWD meron po kasi akong Cadiomyopathy, ang heart ko po ay congested na mamaga lumalaki and mataas daw po ang Bacteria ng Dugo ko salamat po sa mag rereply..

  409. Avon Avon

    I was diagnosed with dissociative disorder. Can I qualify for a PWD ID?

  410. Andrea Andrea

    Clubfoot po ang daughter ko pero nag-undergo na po siya ng theraphy.
    Though meron po kasi siya na soft muscle na bukol sa talampakan niya.

  411. Jhon Jhon

    Meron po aq copd , pwede po ba makakuha ng pwd i.d un gnung karamdaman tnx.

  412. Ron Ron

    I have Cervical Spondylosis. My right arm cannot carry heavy objects, I have poor grips and I can’t raise my arm for long, I can’t even wash my clothes by hand. I have headaches often. Am I qualified?

  413. Marvie Grace Marvie Grace

    TABHSO (removal of ovaries, uterus, and fallopian tubes) na po ako. Can I avail the PWD I.D.?

  414. Hello po, December 15 2019 naaksidente po ako naputol po ang hintuturo right index finger ko, right handed po ako qualified po ba akong makakuha ng PWD ID

  415. Ma surelyn tayag Ma surelyn tayag

    Yung my scoliocis po ba ay qualified po sa PWD ID?

  416. Den Den

    Hi, my mom is diagnosed with muscle tearing sa right shoulder niya at di na niya maiangat, is she qualified or considered as a PWD na rin?

  417. Sedfrey H. Garcia Sedfrey H. Garcia

    Good Day.

    I had a heart attack and underwent angioplasty due to my diabetes. Can I avail of the PWD ID?

  418. Pwde po humingi ng referal para s clinical abstract o mental disability(ads) certificate gagamitin sa SSS dependent pwd allowance? Saan po mga gobyernong tangapan meron ganung pagsusuri at magbibjgay ng certificate na libre

  419. May May

    Hello po. May pamangkin po akong naputulan po ng daliri un sa gitna. Sya po ay 8 yrs old palang ngayon. Pde na po ba syang maka kuha ng PWE ID?

  420. Robert Campos Robert Campos

    Nagkaroon ng fracture ang mandibular ko. Nag undergo po ako ng major operation para lagyan ng titanium plate ang bungo ko. Can i get PWD id? Thanks sa response po.

  421. Jose Margate Jose Margate

    Naoperahan na.po ako sa right nung 2010 gawa ng glaucoma at kahit naoperahan ako, halos bulag na kanang mata ko. Qualified po ba ako na.mag apply ng PWD ID? Thanks

  422. inamarieochavez inamarieochavez

    hi 350 yung right side 375 nmn po yung left side ng mata ko at may stigmatism rin po pede po ba ako mka avail ng pwd i.d ?? saka yung husband ko nmn po may singaw dw po yung hearth nya result po yun nung nakaraang pa 2DECO nya ma kaka avail din po b sya ??

  423. Donabel enriquez Donabel enriquez

    Hi gud eve, po, mg tnong lang po sna ako, kc po yung son ko po 4 yrs. Old may cleft palate po sya Pro na opera na po, is he qualied to get a PWD ID? and also po hnde pa kc malinaw ang pananalita nya, hopefully you can help regarding of my message
    Sincerely yours: donns

  424. Donna Donna

    Hi gud eve po isa po akong single parent, ask ko lang po sana, because my son 4 Yr. Old, inborn po sya na may cleft palate pero na opera na po, is he qualify to get a PWD ID, kc po hnde pa po sya malinaw magsalita
    Sincerely yours donna

  425. Paul Deogracias Paul Deogracias

    gud pm po… na operahan po ako sa slip disc L4 at L5, diskitomy pero matagal na kaya nga lang hindi ako mabuhat at nakatayo ng matagal na. Qualified pa ba ako kumuha ng PWD ID? Wait ko po reply nyo. Salamat and God bless you po.


  426. Merriane Mae Alibadbad Merriane Mae Alibadbad

    Good day! Pwede po ba makakuha ng PWD ID ang may goiter at hyperthyroidisim? Salamat po.

  427. Monalissa Monalissa

    Wala na po aking thyroid pwede na din po ba ako kumuha ng pwd.. Maintenance na po ako gamot lifetine.. Thank you


    hindi po ba pwede makakuha ng PWD ID ang may seizure disorder?

  429. James D. Mallari James D. Mallari

    Is a person suffering from Short PR considered as PWD? If yes, what are the requirements to be presented to avail of the PWD benefits and PWD ID? Thank you!

  430. phillipsanchezmanubay phillipsanchezmanubay

    im asthmatic person and highblood,thats why i removed in my job,and no work until now because of sickness and i have maintenance for asthma,highblood and thytoid,its is consider as PWD?

  431. Lara Tallo Lara Tallo

    Is G6pd consider as PWD?

  432. Rose Rose

    I have undergo total hysterectomy and my uterus, fallopian tube, ovary and appendix have been removed. Is that qualifies for pwd

  433. Kyle Kyle

    Hi mam ask lng po ako regarding po sa situation ng husband ko meron po kasi siya sakit sa dugo vonwillebrand disease which is a lifelong bleeding disorder.. Ask ko lng if if qualified po siya maging pwd?? Thank you

  434. Mary Johanna Medina Mary Johanna Medina

    I undergo a billateral masectomy March 2017, qualified po ba ako magka pwd id

  435. Maria Louella A. Marquez Maria Louella A. Marquez

    I am 55 years old, female and was diagnosed with heart problem known as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Am I qualified to apply for a PWD id?
    Thank you.

  436. Dominic Dominic

    Hi, ask ko lang po kung qualified po na PWD, kaming may mga Skin Disease? Hirap po kasing makahanap ng work, lalu na po yung mga severe cases. and if qualified ano pong pwedeng gawin? Thank you

  437. Chriselle Chriselle

    Hi! Tanong ko lang po kung pwedeng mag apply ng pwd id ang naoperahan na or ung may pcos?

  438. Shaine Shaine

    How about having strabimus, it is considered a PWD?

  439. Jan Jan

    KUMUHA KAYO NG MED CERT OR CLINICAL ABSTRACT MULA SA DOKTOR O HOSPITAL. Dalhin niyo sa PDAO pagnagfile kayo application. Doon i-aassess kung pwede kayong bigyan ng PWD card.

  440. mildred mildred

    same po. i have bi-malleolar fracture and has metal plate and screws on my bone. nakakuha po b kayo ng pdw id?

  441. Dixie jayne gomez Dixie jayne gomez

    Ang may sakit sa puso po na inborn congenital heart deases
    PWD din po diba? D ba cla mla avail ng PWD ID?

  442. zhy zhy

    What about a person that has a rare skin condition and that prevents her on being sociable like she can’t be confident with what her skin may look like.

  443. Lamphel Lamphel

    Pwd po ba ako kumuha ng PWD IDS,operada po qko ng Total Thyroidectomy?anu ano po kailangqn if pwd?

  444. Ryan i jacinto Ryan i jacinto

    Good pm po tanung ko po ang bata po bang my g6pd cass po cover po ng pwd thanks po

  445. JAY JAY

    As a pharmacy employee we always encountered bogus PWD’s. We hope that DSWD will fixed this to avoid discount abuse. Some of MSWD are not transparent or they always practice PALAKASAN system to give ID’s for discount to their family,friends and other people who is in power. Please give ID’s to the people who are qualified. I always seen PWD’s who are not carried their ID’s or NO ID’s because they aware about this LAW. DSWD please conduct awareness to the URBAN community.

  446. Ana Ana

    Is fractured bone in the arm and elbow qualify for pwd Id?

  447. Hi! I would like to inquire if Psoriatic Arthritis (PSA) qualifies me for PWD. Psoriatic arthritis is an autoimmune chronic disorder that causes joint damage and limited mobility if it is not treated. It affects the joints, especially those of the lower extremities, distal joints of the fingers and toes, and also can affect the back and sacroiliac joints of the pelvis. And if so, what is the process of applying? Thank you!

  448. lei lei

    Na diagnosed po ako ng lumabr levoscolliosis. Qualified po ba to apply for PWD ID?

  449. nora nora

    Ang cervical lordosis po ba qualified to apply PWD ID?

  450. Rowena Rowena

    Nag undergo po ako ng tabhso pede po ba ako mag apply ng pwd id?

  451. Keral Keral

    Can people with ADHD avail of the PWD Card?

  452. Genise Genise

    I’m planning to get a PWD ID as my Peutz Jeghers caused me to resign to many works already. Though I look completely normal physically it really disables me when I’m having attack. And it’s attacks is not trigger by anything, so you would not actually know when you are going to have one. Can I hr qualified?

  453. Ask ko lang po, how about po pagnatanggalan ng 1 ovary, considered po ba yun as PWD?

  454. I’m suffering from myofascialpain syndrome, vision of 175 grade for eye glasses and hypertension. Ask ko lang if I could apply for pwd ID. I’m 57 year old na po. Salamat po

  455. Wally Wally

    Qualified po ung may mild spondylolisthesis to get pwd id? Thank you

  456. unknown unknown

    If i am under 152cm am i eligible for dwarfism? What is the height requirement for dwarfism?

  457. Jerome Jerome

    Ang naoperahan po ba sa kaliwang braso may 2 bakal ung both na buto ko sa left arm pwede po mag apply ng PWD ID?

  458. Jina Guergio Jina Guergio

    Yong asawa ko merong Hernia maka avail ba sya ng pwd catd

  459. Ja Ja

    Pwede po ba ang may eczema/atopic dermatitis?

  460. Julie Panotes Julie Panotes

    total hysterectomy po aq..qualified na po b aq as pwd?or if pwede po b aq makakuha ng pwd id?thanks po

  461. kamille kamille

    pag natanggal po ba ang matris pwd na ? makakauha po ba ng id ?

  462. Rea Labitan Rea Labitan

    Natanggalan po aq ng gallbladder,Am I considered PWD?

  463. Geo Geo

    Hello, would like to ask po if a person who has eye problem such as exotropic strabismus or crossed eyed po, are they considered as PWD?

  464. jhen jhen

    kapag ng undergo po ng total thyroidectomy pwede po mag apply?

  465. Benni Kris Aparri Dela Cruz Benni Kris Aparri Dela Cruz

    Diabetes Mellitus type 2 po ba consider as a pwd?

  466. Sy Sy

    Hello, if a person who is diagnosed with: “autoimmune conditions: thyroiditis, urticaria, possible evolving SLE”, can be considered PWD?

  467. dave dave

    if yong isang teng po ba hindi na nakakarinig pwede na po yon as pwd?

  468. Rainier Galang Rainier Galang

    I am diagnosed with osteoarthritis on my right knee. Can I apply for a PWD ID? Am I considered a PWD?

  469. mia mia

    Hi, pwdi po bang mag apply forPWD ID ang wla na pong gallbladder?

  470. Hi! Ask ko Lang having Meniere deseas/vertigo pwede na bang mag apply as PWD? Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you!

  471. Jyrell s. Ramirez Jyrell s. Ramirez

    Hi Tabhso na po ako since 2018 at the same time type 2 diabetes pwede po ba ako kumuha ng pwd ID? qualify po ba ako? sana po maymakapansin.

  472. elvira yacat elvira yacat

    i was diagnosed with lumbarbulging disc spondiolestesis but ortho doctors refused to issue med cert that i am a pwd case since i am not disabled is person with dissability the same with disabled i cannot renew my pwd id

  473. Dimson Dimson

    sir, ma’am:
    naputol po isa kong daliri hintuturo at middle finger ko ay nadongtong lang sa kamay. qualified ba akong apply ng PWD ID,?

  474. Choreen sulay Choreen sulay

    Hi, yung may mga heart disease po hindi kasama saPWD?

  475. Anthony natividad Anthony natividad

    Ung osteoarthritis stage 4 both hips skin at may psoriasis qualified Po b? Lastly at un sa Kapatid ko ACL Po skanya and psoriasis? Thanks Po in advance

  476. rodgie rodgie

    can a major depressive disorder can avail the PWD??

  477. Anthony natividad Anthony natividad

    How about may osteophytes both hips pOH? Thanks in advance

  478. Patrick Patrick

    Are people with smelling disability, i.e. loss of smell, eligible to apply for PWD ID?

  479. Irish Irish

    If I was diagnosed back in 2018 with severe anxiety and depression, can I still apply for PWD ID?

  480. Genevie Genevie

    Good day po. I was diagnosed to have a toxic goiter/Graves dse. I under went a RIA last 2016 I think. Nagpopped out din ang eyes ko. Can I apply for a PWD ID? Thank u for the reply

  481. Lani Teofilo Lani Teofilo

    Ask po bale na diagnosed po ako n diabetic pede po b ako kumuha ng pwd id kahit kaka start p lng ng diabetes ko . Mahal po kc ang gamot n maintenance ko. Ang sabi s akin s pwd malabon need daw po n meron n disabilities n n cause ung diabetes bago ako bigyan tama po b un?

  482. yedda regacho yedda regacho

    ang trigeminal nueralgia po ba ay kasali sa rare disease na pwedeng magaapply ng pwd id?


    Good day, I was diagnos with calcaneal spur on my both feet. Can I apply for PWD?. Hirap po ako maglakad sa araw araw na mga ginagawa ko dahil sa dalawang paa ko ang apektado ng calcaneal spur. Ma qualify po kaya ako sa pagkuha ng PWD ID card? Thank you.

  484. Aki Aki

    Hi po if nag ma maintenance na po ako, qualified ba ako for pwd id. 27 palang po ako. Thanks

  485. Paul Rilloraza Paul Rilloraza

    I am a 55-year old male who had quad bypass in 2017 and also a diabetic. I can’t recall kung 500+ or 600+ ang grado ng salamin ko. Do I qualify for PWD ID?

  486. Reynald bautista Reynald bautista

    I am 43 years old and taking a lifetime medication for my high blood csn i apply a pwd id

  487. Franchez Dalay Franchez Dalay

    Do I qualify for PWD i hve enlargement of heart that was diagnosed recently

  488. Bernard Bernard

    may vertigo ako, pwede ba ako mag apply ng PWD ID?

  489. Rachel ann Rachel ann

    Hi poh, tinanggal poh ang right ovary at right fallopian tube qoh, consider as pwd poh bah un?

  490. unknown unknown

    i have anosmia, consider po ba ito as pwd?

  491. unknown 2 unknown 2

    i have anosmia po (no sense of smell ) bata palang ako. nalaman ko na po na wala talaga akong pang amoy nung grade 8 nung nakapasok ako sa cr ng school namin mabaho kasi siya. in denial pa kasi ako nun, kasi noon pag may umotot at di mo tinakpan agad ilong mo ibig sabihin ikaw yung umotot eh di naman po ako yung nag fart e tinakpan ko at yan napo talaga hanggang sa nag grade 8 ako dun ko lang nalaman. consider po ito as pwd?

  492. Kim Kim

    May sculiosis poko at Malabo mata kc my type1 diabetic din ako dahil lahi namin at meron ding PCOS pag ganun poba pwd na diko kc alam kung Sakop siya eh Sana may sumagot Thankyou

  493. kristy M kristy M

    Magandang Umaga po. tanung ko lang po ang psoriasis po ba pwde mag avail ng PWD card? if pwde po ano ang requirments?

  494. Angiele Zyra Cangmaong Encienzo Angiele Zyra Cangmaong Encienzo

    Hi po..nag undergo po Ako Ng total thyroidectomy last month tapos Yung gamutan ko po is lifetime na po pwd po Ako maka avail Ng pwd id

  495. Ali Ali

    Hello po, pwede po ba makakuha ng PWD ID ang may Eczema/Seborrheic Dermatitis?

  496. dodie bonifacio dodie bonifacio

    chronic gout po pwede maka kuha ng pwd id? may mga tophi formation na din po sa elbow. thanks po for the reply.


    ask ko lang po diabetic po ako type 2 for more than 7 years, at may congestive heart failure din ako, di po ba ako qualified para sa PWD id?

  498. Lux Lux

    Do people with Ankylosing Spondylitis or Sacroiliac joint arthritis considered as PWD? Since the ability to move is limited as walking, bending and carrying things are commonly affected.

  499. Mara Mara

    Pag po ba may bukol sa dede pwede mag PWD id?

  500. Flor Flor

    kapag po ba basag na pareho yung eardrums matatawag ng pwd?

  501. Angel Angel

    Hi pano kung isang tenga lang yung binge makakakuha pa din ba ako ng pwd Id?

  502. Lee Lee

    Considered po b as PWD ang taong may Mild Thoracic Dextroscoliosis at Bronchial Asthma?

  503. Dyhan Dyhan

    Hi anong requirement po sa Visual impairment ? hanggang anong grado po ng mata?

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