Who qualifies for the PWD ID?

Many of those who have disabilities have yet to claim their PWD ID and this article is for those who do not know if they qualify for the PWD ID and be able to claim the benefits and privileges that go with it.

According to Dr. Myla Rostrata of the Department of Health in Region 3, there are seven categories that classify the ID applicants These categories provide the basis for the granting of the IDs. These categories are:

Visual impairment – as far as we in PWDPhil know, there is no set grade that is considered to be the threshold that separates the disabled from the non-disabled. However, DOH specialists in the PDAO (persons with disabilities affairs office) in your town or city hall have a set protocol for determining who is visually impaired and who can qualify for a PWD ID based on visual acuity, or the lack of it. If the applicant’s eyes are discernible to be blind, then the applicant need not bring a clinical abstract to prove the disability, just bring your government-issued ID.

Hearing loss – anyone who cannot hear is considered to be disabled. However, there are various degrees of hearing impairment depending on the cause of the hearing loss. If you think that you are beginning to lose your hearing, it is best to try to have it treated right away. There are many occupations the depend on one’s ability to hear. If the applicant’s inability to hear is apparent, then there is no need to bring a clinical abstract to the PDAO when applying for the PWD ID.

Orthopedic disability – this category includes all those who have had amputations done to any of the extremities. This also includes those who have stunted growth because of dwarfism, a medical condition where the patient’s height and extremities did not grow to full mature size.

Learning disability – for students who cannot adjust to mainstream regular classes, they will need to go through the special education class program found in every public school. A learning disability is something that hampers or interferes with a student’s ability to learn basic concepts in math and science, knowledge that will help the student cope with everyday life. Without a basic education, the student will be unable to buy groceries, pay bills, earn a living or do any activity that requires critical thinking and stock knowledge.

Psychosocial disability – this is a category that includes those who have psychological and social problems that can leave them the sufferer unable to do what he/she normally does. These disabilities are not apparent and may not be easy to understand or to explain to health center workers who do not have a science background, thus the need for a clinical abstract to present to the PDAO, health center or DSWD regional office workers. Normally there are medical professionals who assess the application for PWD IDs, though some of them are not regularly available.

Chronic illness – There are illnesses that may not inherently lead to a disability but have been known to cause disability when a complication sets in. One such case is diabetes. Inherently diabetes does not cause disability. However, the inability to process sugar in your body may lead to complications such as diabetic retinopathy which could lead to blindness, sepsis which could lead to gangrene and later, amputation, or heart problems which could lead to a stroke. Again, some chronic illnesses are not apparent and will need a clinical abstract before a PWD ID is granted.

Mental disability – Sufferers of mental illness are automatically considered to be disabled and are sometimes automatically granted a PWD ID, as some mental illnesses can be apparent. Those with mental disabilities will usually need medical attention, constant supervision and assisted living arrangements as they are mostly unable to take care of themselves. Included in this category are children with Down syndrome, bi-polar disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and schizophrenia. Sufferers of this category will need a medical/clinical abstract prior to the issuance of a PWD ID

Those who apply for PWD IDs must also remind their doctors or medical professionals that any information about the state or the nature of their disability must be handled with utmost confidentiality. A Pinoy with disability has the right not to divulge any medical or health-related information about themselves. As the non-disabled people have the right not be harassed for their medical informatio, PWDs should also be allowed to exercise the same right.

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    • yes you can, you must get your EEG and submit result when you apply. My son has seizure disoder and go his pwd id, helps a lot when buying medications for his seizure. Talk to your pwd representative in your barangay.

    • May myasthenia gravis po ako and it has affected me so much. I cannot walk anymore because of very weak muscles and limbs, pati mga kamay mahihina. Kahit akay akay ako titiklop pa rin mga tuhod ko at tutumba ako pag di ako naagapan saluhin. Is this not considered a chronic disease and considered a disability? I am a government employee and I want to apply for disability retirement.

    • may friend po ako na stroke patient na nakuha ng PWD ID, try mo po mag-apply sa munisipyo nyo, dala ka po ng medical abstract at valid ID

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    • Yes. As long as you have proper certification. And you need HRT , menopausal symptoms leads to psychosocial problem

    • Clarification lamang po, totoo po ba na kapag nag undergone ng TABSO ang isang babae ay di pwedeng mabigyan ng PWD ID? Hindi kasi pwede dito sa Gen. Santos City… Hoping for your immediate reply…Thank you po.

  2. Kung may congenital heart disease, pwedi po bang kumuha ng id? kasi po till now nag memaintainpo ng gamot ung pamangkin ko

  3. I have been wearing glasses since I was 1y/o. My grade is now at -10.75 (1025). Is this considered as being visually impaired?

  4. hi I was diagnosed with panic disorder and been suffering for 1 year up to today. Continuously having my psychotherapy and taking prescribed medications for 1 year also. Am I qualified for the PWD benefits?

  5. Hi, I was diagnosed with a Type 1 Diabetes last January 2018, and Insulin na po yung Meds na ginagamit ko. I’m just 21y/o po and medyo mabigat po para sakin ung mga gamot ko kasi it cost around 2k to 3k and it will last only for 2-3weeks ung Meds ko. Makaka avail po ba ako kung mag aaply ako?

      • Hi. May I ask if you were granted an id? Tried getting 1 today but was advised that only those with disability due to a chronic illness will be given id cards. Is this correct?

      • what if na opera na un cancer na stage 1.. like papillary carcinoma.. can still avail of pwd id?

        what if with slight hearing loss for both ears.. having corrective eye glasses since 8 yrs old.. having 800 both eyes.. pd mag pwd id?

  6. Hi po.ask culng po sana if pwedi po ako mka kuha ng pwd id.na aksidente po kc kmi sa motor dati ngayon po my acl pa po ako hnd na po mkatakbo.meron prin pong bakal sa paa.5 po kc bali ng paa ko nun.slamat po

  7. i want to ask po. if maka categorized po bang PWD if isa lng po ang nakakakitang mata?since i was 4yrs kasi blind na po yung left eye ko.

  8. Ang Asawa ko po ay may lung cancer stage 4.tuwing dadaan cia Ng mga CT scan diagnostic procedures hinahanap n po cia Ng PWD card. Nasabi din po ito Ng oncologist Nia na pwede cia saPWD kc Alam nila na puros.hingi kami tulong saPCSO at Kung saan saan.pero nung pumunta po ako sa DSWD dito sa Amin Sabi nila Hindi raw considered Yung sakit niya sa PWD.tulungan niyo po kami.halos d kami makatulog na pamilya Kung paano kami makaraos sa laki Ng gastos Ng mga gamot at hospital.pwede poba cia sa PWD

    • Qualified po as PWD. Magtanong po kayo sa iba. Lapit muna kayo sa doctor nyo. Bigyan nya kayo recommendation. Pa pirma nyo sa baranggay at dalhin nyo sa munisipyo o city hall.

  9. Yun pong right leg ko ay mas maiksi nang 1 inch kaysa sa left dahil po nabalian ako nang paa at nung gumaling na po ay di na sila pantay. Pwede po ba ako maconsider as a PWD?

      • Hi! Do I need a medical certificate from a government clinic or any evidence na more than 350 yung grade ng mata? Thanks in advance!

  10. They do not honor SLE anymore as per DOH it should be normal. How can you be normal if you are dependent on medication and you cannot even go out under the sun for too long or be exposed to others?

  11. Good Day po, may i ask if my wife is considered as PWD.
    My wife have undergone Pneumonectomy last 2012, she looks healthy when you look at her physically, she usually easily get exhausted in always catch up for her breath.

    We already went to DSWD to apply her for PWD but they refused cause my wife is not physically disable.

    Any information that may shed light to our query is highly appreciated.

    And thank you in advance.

  12. good pm po…. ang mister ko po 35 years old palang po siya na mataas na ang sugar niya sa mga laboratory niya po hangan ngayn po naggagamot parin siya po, qualified po pa siya PWD ID? para po kahit maka discount po sa mga gamot niya……
    Ako po naman ay my thyroid at kaka surgery ko lang din po sa suso ko po twing 6 month kailangan ko magpatingin at magpa ultrasound, qualified po din ba ako PWD ID? salamat po

  13. Good day,
    I am 32 years old
    And i have a cleft palate, yung lip ko po is na close na but yung palate ko is still open.
    Qualify po ba ako mag avail ng PWD?
    Thank you po.

  14. I am a stroke survivor with congestive heart failure secondary to diabetes. Can I get the pwd ID? thanks

  15. i have a brother who has learning disabilities. i would like to apply him a valid id and one of this is the pwd id. how can apply for it? he has difficulties when he process any documents. at the same time to avail his benefits. kindly help him please.

    • Pwede po kyo pumunta sa brgy hall or city hall na nay dswd office. Pag learning disability po (like my son) they would need doctor’s certificate or assessment kung anu ung disablity

    • Just to inquire po kung ang psoriasis ay covered
      or considered as PWD since chronic ito and d curable? May concern citizen lang po na nagpapatanong na ayaw magpabangit. Thank and God Bless.

  16. good pm.. ask ko lang po .. yung left leg ko nagweaken at nagloss ng muscles compared sa right leg ko…kaya medyo hindi na pantay ang lakad ko na parang ika ika.. pwede po ba ako mag appy for PWD ID.. thank you po.. sana po maanswer ang query po.

  17. Hello good evening
    I have a rheumatic heart (mitral valve stenosis)disease
    Iam a candidate for heart failure
    can i be qualified as PWD?

    In the on line application/registration
    in that part what kind of disability
    theres no choice such as heart ailment
    what should i put in there?
    If granting that Iam qualified as PWD

  18. I have vission problem thats why i use eyeglasses to help me see clearly can i consider my self as pwd? Makaka avail ba ako ng PWD I. D?

  19. I have eye impairment — 550/650 ang grado ng mata ko. Halos walang makita without glasses. Am I qualified for PWD ID?

  20. I am a us citizen, living here for the last 2 years I have a ARC card and I have a filipino wife and 2 anak, can I qualify for a PWD card

  21. My son was diagnosed to have profound mixed hearing loss on his left ear since childhood, he is now 21yrs old. Is he qualified as pwd?

  22. hELLO PO. Tanong ko lang po, natanggalan po ako ng apdo at nagkaroon po ako ng problema sa pagdumi. Kaya kailangan ko po ng access sa mga CR na allotted sa PWD at seniors. Pero wala po akong card. Can i avail po ba ng card.

  23. PWD application form in Quezon City does not include Chronic Illness. I am not sure if this is the same with other cities?

  24. Hello po. Yung nanay ko po kasi. Hindi na nagagamit ang kanang kamay at braso dahil sa gun shot incident. Considered po ba yun as disabled. Thanks.

  25. Hi, mukha akong healthy .. Meron po akong heart enlargement at yung sakit ko is pulmonary hypertension.. Madaling mahilo sa init at super hingalin.. Qualified po ba ako kumuHa ng PWD ID? ano2 po mga req. Sa pag apply

    • Hingi kayo recommendation sa doctor, then dalhin sa baranggay. Then dalhin nyo sa munisipyo o city hall PWD section.

    • sa akin kasi cardiac dysryhtmia, left ventricle hypertrophy at ischemic pero nde daw considered as pwd sa s qc

  26. I had total left breast mastectomy and has undergone radiation therapy a month after, am I qualified for a pwd id?

  27. Good Evening. Considered as PWD ba ang taong my sakit n cancer at diabetes?
    ang father ko po kasi nadiagnose with cancer (stage 4) tpos diabetes kung saan nag-iinsulin na sila. Iisa na din po ang kidney nla inalis 10yrs ago. As per DSWD as lingayen,pangasinan hindi po considered as PWD ang taong walang deperensya physically. Tama po ba ito? please guided me po. Needed lng po makakuha ng ID pra makadiscount ng gamot ng father ko. Salamat po sa sasagot.God bless.

    • Hingi kayo recommendation sa doctor nyo, dalhin nyo sa baranggay. Then diretso po kayo sa munisipyo o city hall. Meron pong PWD section Doon.

  28. Hi gudpm ask lang po ako ng Question kung pwede po ako makakuha ng PWd i.d total thyrodectonomy po aq at may lifetime maintenance.. makaka avail po kaya aq ng PWD id? plss nid answer po..tnx

  29. Hello good noon po sa lahat! ask ko lang po kung pwede ba akong makakuha ng PWD ID. I am suffering from PANIC ATTACK DISORDER/ANXIETY DISORDER po which is mahirap pong kumilos lalong lalo na sa sakayan ng bus kung may mga pila like kukuha ng ticket ng bus, ferry, counters in mall or any crowded places? Hoping na ma iconsider po nila ito dahil kasama po ito sa mental disorder.

    Maraming Salamat po!

    • Hingi po kayo recommendation sa doctor nyo, dalhin nyo sa baranggay nyo for approval. Then dalhin sa PWD office sa cityhall.

  30. Hi,

    Would like to ask if a person who undergone complete hysterectomy considered pwd and can apply for a pwd id?

    Response would be highy anticipated. Thank you.


  31. Hi good day sister ko po na stroke
    may CKD qualify po ba siya sa PWD ID? ano po requirements kung sakali

  32. Can I apply for pwd?
    I have
    1. Vertigo ( may d daw normal sa tenga ko which is weird for my age.. baka daw na mana ko)
    2. Possible n may Hypoglycemic (low bloodsugar) (d ko kayang tumayo ng matagal, hinihimatay ako)
    3. Malabo mata (more or less 300 grade)

  33. Gud pm po naaksidente po ako s motor. Ngyn po my bakal, n nilagyan ng plate at 4 n turnilyo ang binti ko.. Qualified po b ako s pwd?

  34. Hi, i have severe atopic dermatitis that affects my whole body. I am also allergic to most food and change in weather. I am qualified for PWD?

  35. Good afternoon tanung ko lang po kung ang DYSLEXIA person ay qualified na makakuha ng PWD ID. thank you and God bless

  36. Hi. For chronic illness, does it have to manifest to a disability first before you can apply for an id? Tried getting 1 today but was advised that only those with disability due to a chronic illness will be given id cards. Is this correct?

  37. I tried getting a PWD id today, but was denied. I have cancer but do not manifest any disability. They said that cancer should manifest me signs of Psychosocial, hearing, visual, mental, orthopedic, learning, and mental disability before they can grant me one. My question is why list cancer as chronic diseases as one of the eligibility to get an id but will still require me to manifest signs and symptoms before they can grant me one.

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